Best Betting Sites in Kenya 2022

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Below, we’ll examine many betting sites based on numerous criteria that a company maintains.

betting sites

Pesa club spin

What is a betting site?

This is a market type where a game or event is offered, see sports shoes and you put your bet based on your preferences. Your bet can be a win for a certain side, a tie, or the greatest score. You can also put a wager hoping to win more money than you wagered.


One of the top betting sites in Kenya, betika, supports both local and international leagues and encourages ethical gambling.


why use betika?

  • There is no minimum bet amount.
  • There are no withdrawal fees.
  •  A diverse range of stake options.
  • Jackpots are offered daily, mid-week, and weekly.
  • cashback rewards

betting sites

How to join betika?

  • Click here betika.com
  • You’ll arrive at the official Betika page.
  • choose “register” on that page.
  • You will see a page that allows you to input your preferred phone number and a password that you will always remember to access your account.
  • Finally, you may make a deposit and set your bet.

2. 22bet


The Kenyan government has granted this business a license to conduct business inside its borders and it covers all forms of international sport

why 22bet?

comes with;

  • live sports
  • casino games
  • jackpots
  • bonuses
  • virtual sports
  • live results and statistics


How to register and bet on 22bet KenyaWondering how to join?

  • Click this tab 22bet@ 
  • 22bet page will be displayed
  • On your top right hand, you will sell the ‘registration’ tab click on it
  • A page on which you enter your phone number and password is displayed
  • Remember to put a password you will always recall
  • After fully registered you can now deposit the preferred amount through their pay bills 895599 for Safaricom or 152661 for Airtel.
  • After successfully depositing your preferred amount you can now choose your best bets and place them

3. Gamemania

Among the top betting sites, this one lets you play casino games in the comfort of your own home.

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How to join?

  • Joining game mania needs you to click here gamemania.com
  • After clicking the link you are directed to the game mania page
  • Enter your phone number and preferred password which you will always remember while logging in
  • After successful registration, you can deposit your preferred amount through pay bill or online deposit
  • On successful deposit, the balance will display on your dashboard
  • You are now ready to enjoy your casino games

why join Game mania?

  • No-risk deposits
  • More casino games
  • High winning odds
  • Low stakes
  • Welcoming bonuses

4. Sporty bet

Using this legal betting platform Sporty Bet, Kenyan gamblers will easily enjoy betting.

betting sites

how to join?

  • Click here sportybet.com
  • The sporty bet page will display
  • On your upper right, you will see the register tab click on it
  • It will display slots on which you insert your phone number and a password you will always remember
  • After successful registration, you can now successfully deposit your intended amount
  • Choose your bets and place them

Why join sporty bet?

  • multibet
  • jackpots
  • best betting experience
  • live streaming
  • Welcome bonuses
  • virtual games available
  • international leagues
  • affiliate programs available

5. Pesaclub

Pesa club is an online casino where you enjoy bets from as low as Ksh 49 in the comfort of your home.

How to join Pesaclub?

  • Click on this tab Pesaclub
  • A display of the Pesaclub page will appear
  • Click on the register button
  • Slots of your phone number and password will appear
  • Insert your preferred phone number and chose a password you will always remember
  • After successful registration, your account will show up
  • Using a pay bill or online deposit your can deposit your willing amount
  • On your successful deposit, the balance will show on your dashboard
  • You are now ready to play your intended casino games

Why choose Pesaclub?

  • Instant wins through various casino games
  • Referral programs where you earn a 5% commission lifetime
  • Minimum deposits
  • Top agent awards

Other betting sites include;




Mozart bet



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