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Gamewina is a recently launched online casino for Aviator games and other games such as Spin and Lucky Pool.

In this article, we shall look at how to join Gamewina deposit, withdraw winning, and how to play some of the available games.

How to join Gamewina

Joining Gamewina is absolutely free all you need is a phone with internet access and from the below steps

Go to

It will display you with registration page

Click on the Join button

It will direct you to the next page where you will enter your  details i.e. phone number and password

On making sure  your phone number and password are correct continue by clicking the Create Account button to submit your details

Your account is now created and ready to start playing

gamewina aacount creating


How to login to Your Gamewina account

Go to

On the next page choose login enter the phone number and the password you used during registration.

gamewina login

And just in case you might have forgotten your password click on the Forgot password button and follow the steps to reset your password.

How to deposit on Gamewina

To make a deposit you can do it in two ways

  • online
  • pay bill

To make an online deposit log in to your Gamwina account and choose deposit at the top and it will open up to the next page where you will find a slot to enter your deposit amount.

After you select the deposit amount you want to deposit a top-up now button will activate click on it and within seconds an SMS pop-up will show on your phone requesting you to enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the deposit.



To make a deposit through pay bill go to your phone lipa na Mpesa

Select the pay bill option

Enter Gamewina Bussiness number 358787

Enter GAMEWINA as the account number

Enter the amount you wish to deposit

Enter the Mpesa pin to complete

You will receive a confirmation message informing you of the successful deposit. See also Winksh reviews


Login to your account choose withdraw at the bottom of your dashboard and click on it to get the withdrawal section having enough balance from your win enter the amount you want to withdraw where a withdrawal fee is applicable.

Games available on Gamewina


Aviator is where your bet amount is multiplied within a second, under Gamewina we have two types of aviator that you can enjoy playing and multiply your bet within seconds

cash  or crash

Under this type of aviator, your bet is multiplied by the odd running along a graph where you are given a chance to cash out your bet before the rising graph bursts

Cashing out has two options you can cash out manually or automatically

For manual cash out you place your bet amount and waits for the graph to start raising and before it bursts you press the cash out button and your bet amount is multiplied by the odd at which you cashed out for example if your bet amount was Ksh 1000 and you cashed out at odd of 10 your win amount will be 1000×10 giving you Ksh 10,000

If the graph bursts before you cash out you will have lost.

For the auto cash out here, the system will automatically cash out for you. All you have to do is set the odd at which you want the system to cash out for you.

For example, you might choose an odd of 20, and whenever the graph reaches an odd of 20 it will automatically cash out for you but if it bursts before that odd you will losecash or crash.

Run Rabbit Run

This is the other type of aviator under the Gamewina casino that gives you a chance to win real cash

The game consists of a chased rabbit by other animals and to play you place your bet amount and cash out before the rabbit is captured by any chasing animal.

As the rabbit runs the odd increases thus your bet amount increases too.

If the rabbit is captured before you cash out you lose.

run rabbit run

Run Rabbit Run has both manual and auto cash.

Penatly Shooters

Under this game you are given diferent shooters and you choose from your favourite shooter.

On the goal there are different odds located at different position and when you aims at a certain odd and successfully scores at it your bet amount is multiplied by that odd.


You can also enjoy Mombasa soccer Babes that works the same way as penatly shooters.

Lucky Pool

This game you are give a pool table and at each hole a different odd is give and if you shoot the given ball to enter successful your bet amount will be multiplied depending on the hole you choose.

lucky pool

Above are some of the games you can enjoy playing under Gamewina.

Gaming can be addictive bet Resposibly.

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