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 Lucky Roll is a lucky game under Gamepawa that is very easy to win whenever you place a bet.

lucky roll

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How lucky Roll Work

For you to enjoy this game you must have an account with Gamepawa which you can create through this link


To play it choose a casino on the account-created homepage and it will display all games available scroll down until you see the lucky roll. Click on it to display, after it has been displayed choose the amount you want to place as your bet then click on the spin button to play.

lucky roll gamepawa

The three numbers will start to roll for some minutes after pressing the spin button and then stand

On standing point, there will be a display of three numbers, for example, 90,200&102 which stand for your win after the numbers are added together in our example you would have won 90+200+102 making a total of 392.

The least amount you can bet with under this game is Ksh 10, but the higher amount you use the higher your chances of you winning more

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