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Pakamia   Best AVIATOR that multiplies your bet amount up to hundreds of times.

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Pakakumi is one of Kenya’s most reputable online casinos, where you are guaranteed to get 100% of your stake if you place a wager and cash out before the bubble busts (expires)

On the Pakakumi You place a bet of your intended amount and wait for the odd to begin counting on the graph, at which point you decide to cash out before it expires, and you automatically win the stake. For example, you may place a bet of kes 200 and cash out when the odd on the graph reaches 6.58, implying that you win kes 1316








We will go over how to log in to Pakakumi below:

1. How to log in to Pakakumi?

Logging into Pakakumi is straightforward; you only need a smartphone, desktop, or laptop with an internet connection. Click on Pakakumi login, where you input the information you used to register your active account.

Don’t have an account?

If you do not have an account, you need not be concerned since creating one will only take a few minutes.

To create an account, follow the steps below:

  • Choose this tab pakakumi.com
  • Following the click, you will be sent to the Pakakumi dashboard.
  • Select Register from the dashboard and provide the necessary information.
  • Remember to use a safe password that you will never forget when logging into your account.
  • After successfully registering, your account will display; choose Go to Crash to play casino games.
  • You can now enjoy your game sessions.


2. Is Pakakumi legit?

Pakakumi has been lawfully registered with the BCLB and is permitted to operate in Kenya. see more details

We’ll have a few reviews below to evaluate how legitimate Pakakumi is:

a. Does Pakakumi pay on winnings?

They feature a quick withdrawal on client requests that takes less than a minute to be put on your account, just like they do for successful deposits.

pakakumi payments

If you have problems with withdrawals, Pakakumi offers customer service where you may file a complaint and, if appropriate, your money will be accessible within a working day.

customer assistance number 0743999333

b. How long do winnings take to reflect?

to make it reliable Pakakumi has structured its interface such that when you deposit or win, the sum appears at the top of your account in less than a minute.

If you deposit and the money does not appear on your account, Pakakumi has given a site where you may check the Mpesa transaction.

3. Jackpot

Despite the fact that Pakakumi primarily connects to casino crash games, they have just launched a sports jackpot.

The jackpot consists of 13 games in which you may choose your favorite teams based on your study of their victories, or you can just hit the auto-choose button, and the system will choose the games for you.

The jackpot winning sum starts at kes 10,000, depending on the weekly winnings, and the jackpot can only be played through the website.

Winners are selected after the outcomes of all 13 games are known, and you do not need to have all of the games accurate to earn anything because they provide bonuses for 10, 11, and 12 correct outcomes.

There are no minimum bets, but each wager will require kes 100 bob, which is the lowest amount you may deposit for the jackpot, as opposed to crash games, where the minimum is kes 50.

4. Why choose crash games over jackpot?

  • In contrast to jackpots, where you may have to wait a day or two for the outcomes, quick wins are available within a minute.
  • The stakes are as little as kes 10, as opposed to kes100 for jackpots.
  • It is simple and entertaining to play, as opposed to a jackpot, where you must conduct a study on how specific teams have performed before selecting them as your favorite. see more

In conclusion, logging in and playing is simple, but one must play responsibly to minimize the chance of losing all of one’s money to betting, as Pakakumi, like others in Kenya, is a betting company.


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