Smart Tv Best Buying Guide for 2022

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what is a smart tv?

Smart tv is a television that can access the internet without the assistance of any other device. It may be used to browse YouTube and stream content online. All you need is an internet connection. Price list guide on jumia

smart tv

The size of the smart TV you choose will depend on your financial situation and ranges from 32 inches and more.

Below, we’ll look at various innovative TV brands from multiple manufacturers and some of their features.

1. Samsung smart TVs

Under this brand, we’ll examine key aspects of their various models.

1. Samsung QLED 4K Q60B

We have a selection of 43 to 85 inches under this brand.

features include;

  • Enhanced contrast
  • Faster 4K processor
  • Airslim design
  • Supports video calls under the google duo app
  • Different voice assistants

QLED 4K Q60B samsang smart tv

price list on Jumia

2. Sumsang Neo QLED 8K QN900B

There are just three sizes available for this: 65, 75, and 85 inches.

Features include;

  • Game bar
  • 8k  processor
  • 3 USB  ports
  • Supports play store

shopping list 

3. Sumsang AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

Varies based on your preference from 43 to 85 inches

Features include;

  • Crystal color
  • 4k processor
  • air slim
  • slim to fit wall mount

smart tvsmart tv

see prices

Under crystal UHD 4k we also have a curved design check here

4. Sumsang Q60A QLED 4K Smart TV

Sizes are between 50 and 85 inches

Among the features are;

  • long last brilliant color
  • full power in every Image
  • faster 4k processor
  • fine sound tune
  • game bar
  • adjustable stand

smart tv

price list on jumia

2. LG smart TVs

1. FHD Smart AI TV 43LM6370


  • 43 inches
  • precise images
  • excellent audio
  • USB port

lg smart tv

check the price on jumia

2. LG nano cell tv


  • reveals pristine color
  • the broad field of vision
  • rapid response
  • gaming see sports shoes and streaming experience
  • mouse control progression

lg nano cell smart tv

pick yours

3. UHD 4K HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ Frameless


  • super superior sound
  • colorful pictures
  • endless gaming
  • 4k processor
  • flameless

see prices

lg frameless

Click here for more information about LG’s smart television.

3. TCL Smart TV

1. TCL P635

Available in the range of 43 to 85 inches


  • Google Search voice aid

  • 4k display
  • a high-end video experience.
  • best gaming sites

tcl tcl smart tv

pick yours

Below are the most common features of the TCL;

1. Google aid that spares you from having to utilize a remote control on cue

2. Increased transmission speed raising the bar for gaming

3. Latest Android OS

4. High-End

5. Very fluid video

6. Pocket friendly

Choose your preferred TCL television under JUMIA

4 Vitron smart tv

Offered in sizes ranging from 32 to 85 inches at the best market pricing

Specifications include;

  • vibrant technology
  • improved picture clarity
  • awesome connection through HDMI, USB, and VGA
  • LED screen display
  • a soft voice

vitron android

Click here to pick your android Vitron tv at JUMIA

5. Skyworthy android tv

Due to its excellent features and affordable pricing on shelves, this is a further item you shouldn’t pass up. Covers the gamut from 32 to 85 inches

The features of Skyworthy Android TV that you shouldn’t miss are;

  • Google Search voice aid
  • 4k display
  • colorful pictures
  • 4k processor
  • excellent audio
  • dual wifi
  • game mode
  • flameless


see prices on JUMIA

Just a few of the brands from which you may select the finest Android TV are listed above. To view additional options, click here.

Considerations to examine while selecting your smart television

1. To avoid spending more than you anticipated, you should have a clear budget for the television you wish to buy.

2. To prevent spending too much money on anything and then being a victim of theft, you should give the security of your place careful consideration.

3. Consider the reason you desire the TV before spending too much money on something you will only use briefly or purchasing a product that will not fulfill your expectations.

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