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Betika has various Jackpots, and most of them come with bonuses, that is, if you predict a certain amount of games correctly but not all, you will receive some rewards. Below, we will look at the different bonuses for the Jackpots available on Betika, the requirement to get the bonus and how much you get.

Betika Jackpot

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What are Betika Jackpot bonuses?

Betika Jackpot bonuses are rewards given to those who participate in Jackpot prediction and make the majority of the predictions correctly. For example, if you participate in a Jackpot with 15 matches and make 14 predictions correctly, you will be awarded a bonus, there is also a limit, for example, those that get less than 13 predictions correctly might not get the reward.

How much Jackpot bonus is awarded by Betika?

The amount awarded will vary depending on the type of Jackpot, the current total of the Jackpot and matches predict correctly. Sometimes, Betika will share the bonus reward among those who predict the number of required matches correctly, for example, if the requirement was to predict 14/15 matches correctly, and the bonus is 5 million and 5 people get the 14 matches correctly, then each gets 1 million, on the other hand, Betika might also decide to give 5 million to each player.

In simple terms, Betika determines the bonus amount for each Jackpot and the terms. The highest amount of bonus we have seen from Betika is 10 million for predicting 16/17 matches correctly.

Jackpot bonuses available on Betika and how they are awarded

As we mentioned above, there are different Jackpot bonuses available from Betika, below, we will see the requirement for each to get the bonus.

1. Mega Jackpot

The Betika Mega Jackpot also known as the Grand Jackpot is the biggest, it involves the prediction of 17 matches correctly, by the time of writing this article, it was at 200 million, if you predict all the 17 matches correctly, you get the 200 million, the stake amount is 49 bob only.

The bonuses for this Jackpot are awarded if you predict 0/17, 11/7, 12/17, 13/17, 14/17 or 15/17. The rewards will vary, the highest being when you predict 15/17 matches, at times some predictions might amount to you being given a free bet, for example, in the Mega Jackpot below, those who predicted 11/17 matches, they got a free bet.

Betika Mega Jackpot bonuses

2. Midweek Jackpot

The Midweek Jackpot involves predicting 15 matches correctly with a stake of 15 bob, at the moment we were writing, the amount to be won was 15 million. To get the bonuses for the Midweek Jackpot, you will have to predict 12/15, 13/15 or 14/15 matches correctly.

Betika Midweek Jackpot bonuses

3. Sababisha Jackpot

The Sababisha Jackpot also known as the daily jackpot does not have bonuses. For this jackpot, you will have to predict all 10 matches correctly in order to win, the stake amount is Ksh 10 and the possible win is Ksh 500,000.

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Jackpot bonuses are typically awarded the following day, now that you know which jackpots will give you bonuses on Betika, go ahead and try your luck. If you want to know what is the reward amount for the current Jackpot, we recommend you check the current posts of Betika on social medial, for example on Betika’s official Twitter page.

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