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Pawa Crash is among Kenya’s newest top crash games with the best winning odds. This article will review how to join, log in and out, deposit, withdraw, and play the Pawa Crash game.

pawa crash

    How to join the Pawa crash

Follow the steps below to create an account

  • Go to the Pawa crash website at
  • On clicking on the above website link, it will open to the next page. Choose the sign-up tab at the top right.
  • After clicking the sign-up tab, it will open up to the next page, requesting that you input your details, i.e., your phone number, nickname, and password.
  • Use a Safaricom phone number with an active registered Mpesa
  • Choose a unique nickname
  • Choose a simple password for you that is hard for others to guess
  • Confirm all your details are correct before proceeding to the next button
  • After confirmation that your details are correct submit by pressing the create account button

pawacrash sign up

Your account is now created, and you will receive a message on the phone number you provided during account creation with the bonus amount you were given.

NB: The bonus awarded is redeemable by depositing and playing.

Remember, the phone number you provided during registration will be used as your account for deposits and withdrawals. see Pakamia crash games

 How to log in and out

Below is a review of how to log in and out of your account

 Log in

Every time you need to use your account, you need to log in Below is the process for logging in

  • Go to the Pawacrash website
  • On the next page right top click login tab
  • It will open up slots to enter your logging-in details, i.e. phone number and a password
  • Enter your log-in details and proceed by clicking the log-in button
  •  You are now ready to use your account

pawacrash log in


Log out

After using your account, it is time to leave, and you want to always have your account secure.

To log out of your Pawa crash dashboard, on the top right, you will see a red arrow pointing toward the right, enclosed in a box. Click on it, and you will have logged out successfully.

pawa crash log out


In case you have forgotten your password, don’t worry about losing your account Just click on forgot password tab below your logging-in page and follow the instructions given to gain back your account

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How to deposit and withdraw on Pawa Crash

To play, you need to have enough funds in your account, and after you have played, you also need to enjoy your winnings. Below are full reviews of deposits and withdrawals

How to make deposits

There are two ways in which you can make deposits into your account, i.e.,.

  1. online deposit
  2. Manual or pay-bill deposit

Online deposit

To make an online deposit, log in to your account and follow the below steps

On your top right choose deposit tab

It will open to the next page namely wallet

On wallet page you are given options choose deposit

A display of money entering slot will show up

Enter the amount you want to deposit

Press the to up button to submit

An SMS pop up will show on your phone requesting you to enter your Mpesa pin

On having enough funds in your account and entered collect Pin your deposit will take less than 5 seconds to complete

pawacrash top up

Pay Bill deposit

Follow the below steps to top up through pay bill

Go to your Phone Mpesa menu

Choose lipa na Mpesa

Enter Pawa Crash paybill 333788

Enter the phone number you used to register as the account number

Enter the amount you wish to deposit

Confirm your details are correct then complete by entering your Mpesa pin


After you have enjoyed the game, it is time to get your winnings to your Mpesa account

Choose deposit, then on the wallet section, choose withdrawal, after which it will display you with the slot to enter the amount.

Enter the amount and confirm you want to withdraw by pressing the Withdraw Now button and it will take seconds for you to receive the amount in your Mpesa account

Note: withdrawal charges are applicable

The least you can deposit is Ksh 10 and the maximum amount is Ksh 150,000 while daily transaction stands at Ksh 300,000

How to play Pawa crash

The Pawa crash game works on a raising graph criteria where the odd is considered to be the raising number on the graph

As the graph rises, it reaches a point and expires, meaning the game has ended

To win, you need to cash out your odds before the graph expires

Your bet will be multiplied by the odd at which you cash out For example, if you place a bet of 1000 and cash out at 7, your win will be 7×1000, giving you a win of 7000

To play, you need to enter the amount you want to place as your bet, then wait before the graph starts to rise and click on the bet button As the graph rises, choose the odd at which you want to cash out before it expires and you will have multiplied your cash

There are two ways in which you can play this game

Auto cash out and Manual cash out

Manual cash out

 Under this system, you place your bet, wait for the graph to rise, and cash out before the graph expires

Auto cash out

Through auto-cashout, you place your bet and choose the odd at which you want the system to cash out for you If the graph reaches the odd you choose

pawa crash play

Refer and earn program

This is a program in which you can earn by referring active clients to play the game, and you are paid through commission for every deposit your referred friend makes.

To join this program under Pawa Crash Create an account if you don’t have one, then go to the refer and earn section. Click on that tab you will see your invite link Copy it and start sharing and whoever joins using it and makes a deposit earns a commission of 5% for a lifetime

pawacrash refer and earn

Remember to play responsibly, for betting is addictive and NOT FOR persons under the age of 18.

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