Patamia Best Crash Game In Kenya Win Over 10k

Pakamia   Best AVIATOR that multiplies your bet amount up to hundreds of times.

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Patamia is a bust & crash online casino that offers 15 distinct types of paying-out games. Patamia allows you to place a wager and cash out before the odd expires.

Odd goes along a graph and can reach 100. The minimum deposit is Ksh 50 bob, and the smallest amount you can wager is Ksh 10 bob. see also Pakakumi


How to join Patamia?

Creating or registering an account with Patamia is simple and free follow the steps listed below.

  • Click on the Patamia website @
  • Choose the registration tab on the Patamia page
  • It will display slots of username, password, and phone number
  • Choose your username and a password you will always remember
  • Remember the phone number you provide is used as your account number while depositing or withdrawing your winnings
  • After successful  input of required details press register and your details will be submitted
  • You now have an account where you can deposit and enjoy the games see also Pakacrash


Log in and out

Logging in should take less than a minute since all you need is the phone number and password you used to register.

To reduce the possibility of account misuse, logging out should always be the first thing you do after you are through using your account.


In case you forget your password you don’t need to worry just go to the login option then at the bottom right click on forgot password option and follow steps to reset your password and access your account again

Depositing and withdrawals

Go to the deposit and withdrawal option on your dashboard and click it to enter a screen where you can select the action you wish to conduct.

For a deposit, you can do an online or pay bill deposit

under online deposit you choose the deposit action then you are given a section to enter the amount you wish to deposit then after selecting the amount you press the top up now button and an SMS pop-up shows on your phone requesting you to enter a Mpesa pin to complete the deposit.

On entering your Mpesa pin your deposit will be complete and the money will take seconds to reflect on your account

For pay bill deposit follow the steps below

  • Go to Mpesa on your phone 
  • Choose lipa na Mpesa Pay bill section
  • Enter Patamia’s business number 303050
  • Use the phone number you registered with as your account number
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit 
  • Complete the deposit by entering your Mpesa pin

The smallest amount you can deposit is Ksh 10, and the lowest bit you may withdraw is Ksh 100. Withdrawals on request will take less than a minute to reflect in your account, and deposits will take less than a minute to reflect on the dashboard.

The maximum deposit stands at Ksh 150,000 and daily transaction limit is Ksh 300,000

patamia deposit

Welcome bonus

Patamia clients are rewarded with a welcome bonus when they create an account and the bonus is redeemable by playing

why you can’t withdraw the bonus?

Bonuses are incentives for organizations to recruit interested individuals, and if they are withdrawable, the company may suffer a loss since everyone would open an account, claim the bonus, withdraw it, and cross the account.

                                                  claim bonus now

Refer and Earn program

Patamia offers an affiliate program through which you can make extra money by referring successful gamblers.

How does affiliate work?

Choose the refer option on your dashboard, click it, and it will take you to a link. Copy the link and share it with your friends; anytime they join and play, you receive a commission.

The commission is 3 % of any successful referral’s deposit, and unlike other programs where you are deducted when a referral wins, under Patamia you are awarded the whole commission whether your client wins or loses.

Why Choose an affiliate program?

When you work as an affiliate agent, all you have to do is recommend successful gamblers, and once they deposit and play, you immediately earn. You do not have to be there to earn

Why choose Patamia?

  • Simple to join
  • Instant deposit and withdrawals
  • A low betting stake of a minimum of Ksh 10
  • Law-abiding

see luckypooo

In conclusion, casino games should not be considered an investment since there is a chance of losing money, and they should be approached with caution because they are addicting.

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