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Pakamia   Best AVIATOR that multiplies your bet amount up to hundreds of times.

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Casino sites are sites where you can make real cash through gambling in Kenya we have soo many casino sites but in this article, we shall look at the best online casino sites that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home or any place anytime.

The best thing about these sites is that you only need your phone to enjoy playing them whenever you are.

Below are reviews on some of the best casino sites in Kenya that you can join.


gamepawa app

Gamepawa is one of the leading casino sites that earn you real money in Kenya, to join Gamepawa follow this website https.//

After you have joined using the above link you can now enjoy your games under this site which include 

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. Lucky numbers 
  3. Pesa roll
  4. Double spin among others

Above are some of the best games you can enjoy and game-pawa online casino site

Other leading casino sites that work the same way as GamePawa are as follows



Join today and receive a welcome bonus at



Pesaclucb is another leading casino site that has recently changed its name to Luckypooo where you bid less and win more to join go to



Join Gamemania now

Gamemania got the best slots of online casino games that give you the best win such as premier league star, gold cup, and hot spin among others

The best thing about gamemania is that in case you want to play any game under their site and you got stuck they always provide you with a demon on how to play the game. see here gamemania premier

HugeWin VIP 


Go to to join this exciting site where you enjoys VIP games



Click to join the Mallpesa site and download the MallPesa app 




pakamia sign up

Pakamia is among the newest casino sites that deal with the crash game that gives you a chance to multiply your cash in just seconds 

This site gives you a chance to cash out your best before the odd expires and your cash is multiplied by the odd at which you cash out for example if you place a bet of Ksh 500 and you cash out and an odd of 10 your bet amount will be multiplied by 10 giving you a win of Ksh 5000 which takes less than a minute.

to join Pakamia follow this link

Although it is not a guarantee to win and Pakamia crash game places a high bet amount and cashes out at a low odd instead of placing a lower bet amount and waiting for a higher cashout odd.

claim your Pakamia bonus here Bonus

Below are other Casino sites that work the same way as Pakamia

These sites work on  bet amount multiplying criteria but they have different welcome bonus awards

Hot crash

hot crash login

Join here and be awarded your welcome bonus which is redeemable by playing


marakumi bets

Follow this link to join and earn your 100% bonus once your first deposit of more than Ksh 300


pesacrash registration

join here Pesacrash,com 

Bonus available on your first deposit of Ksh 300 and claim I want the bonus.



Join now

Bonus available on you First Ksh 300 and above debosit

Fanaka lotto


fanaka lotto

 Join now and claim bonus


fair carsh

Join here

see more about fair crash here


follow this link to join

The above are some of the best casino sites you can enjoy in Kenya and make real money through betting

You can also bet on sports by joining Betika at   



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