Paka Crash Newest Crash Game In Kenya 100% Win

Pakamia   Best AVIATOR that multiplies your bet amount up to hundreds of times.

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Paka Crash is the most recent crash game in Kenya that gives you a chance to win up to  Ksh 1000 within seconds.

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paka crash

In this article, we shall look at how to register, deposit, play, withdraw, and bonuses awarded under the paka crash game.

How to join Paka crash

To join paka crash follow the outlined below steps :

  • Go to
  • After pressing on the above Url it will direct you to the Paka crash page choose to sign up on this page
  • After choosing to sign up, it will display a page where you enter your registration details i.e. phone number, username, and password.
  • Enter your details and confirm they are collect before you press create account button to submit.
  • After confirmation that your details are collect press Create account button to submit and you will receive an SMS from Paka Crash that you have successfully registered your account and are ready to play.

pakacrash sign up

Note the phone number you used to register is your deposit and withdrawal account and it is highly recommended to use Safaricom Mpesa registered number for payments are done through Mpesa.

Also, use a password you will easily remember when you want to access your Paka crash account. See also Pakakumi

For you to enjoy playing under Pakacrash game you must have enough balance in your account which means you must make a deposit.
To make your deposit follow these steps where you can deposit online or pay bill method

  • Login to your account by entering the phone number you used to register and the password
  • On success, login choose at the top right deposit/withdraw tab
  • After clicking on the above tab it will display a page with deposit and withdrawal options
  • Here you want to deposit click on the deposit option
  • To do an online deposit enter the amount you want to deposit and press the top-up button below
  • An SMS prompt will show on your phone requesting you to enter your Mpesa pin to complete the deposit
  • On confirming that the requested amount is the correct amount you intend to deposit enter your Mpesa pin and Ok to complete the online deposit

Pay bill top up

  • Go to your Mpesa menu and choose lipa na  Mpesa pay bill
  • Enter Paka Crash business number 203314
  • Enter the phone number you used to register as your account number
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and press ok to complete the deposit
  • On having enough money on your Mpeas account  your deposit will successfully reflect on your  Paka Crash account within a second

  paka crash deposits


The minimum amount you can deposit is Ksh 10

The maximum deposit is Ksh 150,000

The maximum daily transaction is Ksh 300,000

The minimum withdrawal amount is Ksh 100

The maximum withdrawal amount is Ksh 140,000 where a withdrawal charge applies for any amount you withdrawal

To withdraw you need to have enough balance in your account and follow the steps we outlined for deposit but when the deposit and withdrawal page opens choose the withdraw button and enter the amount you want to withdraw then press withdraw now button and your money will Reflect within seconds on your Mpesa account.

How to play

Login to your account, having enough deposit in your wallet it’s time now to enjoy the game.

Before you play let’s explain how this game works. It involves a raising graph that raises from 1 to maximum which is referred to as the odd.

As the graph raises it reaches a point where it will expire

For you to win you need to cash out your bet amount before the graph expires

As the graph raises your bet amount will also increase. for example

If your place a bet amount of Ksh 100 and you cash out at an odd of 10 your bet amount will be multiplied by 10 giving you a win of Ksh 1000. but if the graph expires at 12 or even 1 before you cash out your bet amount you will have lost.

pakacrash play


pakacrash play

To play you have two options where you can cash out manually or automatically.

To cash out manually you enter your bet amount and wait for the graph to start raising then you cash out before it expires.

To play automatically you choose your bet amount and the odd at which you want to cash out and press the auto button and then the system with cash out for you if the graph reaches your chosen cash-out odd.


On registration, you are awarded a bonus that is redeemable by playing.

 Other bonuses are occasional and run for a certain period for example awarding the top player for a certain month.

To enjoy this and more join HERE

If you encounter any difficulties you can contact  Paka Crash customer assistance on;


Remember gambling is addictive and should only be played by persons aged 18 years and above.

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