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Fair Crash Game is an online casino in Kenya run by BETIFITI Limited under license number BK0000480 from the Betting Control & Licensing Board (BCLB). It features a crash game that gives you a chance to multiply your money in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we’ll examine how to sign up for and participate in this fantastic game.

fair crash game

Take the following actions to join the Fair Crash game.

  • To access the FairCrash game page, click on this tab. FAIRCRASH
  • After clicking, the Faircrash registration page will appear.
  • Select “Register” at the top right of the page that opens.
  • Enter the necessary information, i.e your mobile phone number, user name, and password.
  • Following the entry of your details tick the box to indicate that you are older than 18, then click the register now button to submit your details.
  • After receiving and accepting your information, Faircash will send you a message that begins with “Hello,” your user name, your provided phone number, and the password you selected.
  • And after following those easy steps, your account will be prepared for the game.

fair carsh

Observations to keep in mind when setting up your fair crash account

Select an unique username.

Your password should be powerful but simple to remember.

The account number for deposits and withdrawals is the phone number you used to register.

For payments and deposits made through mpesa, safaricom phone numbers are highly recommended.

 How to login to your fair crash account

  • Go to faircrash.com
  • Select log in to the right.
  • Put in your phone number and the password you used to sign up.
  • Go to the login tab to connect to your account.

faircrash login

How to log out

Always remember to log out after playing Crash afterward to protect your account. The steps to log out are as follows;

  • Click the Allow button next to your user name in the top right corner.
  • You will then be given the option to log out yes or no; select yes to continue.
  • Choosing yes will complete the process, and your account will remain secure.

faircrash log out

Forgot Your Password?

If you have logged out and forgotten your password, don’t worry. Just click the login tab, select the forgot password link at the bottom, and then follow the instructions to reset your password.

When registering, you can always select SAVE to save your password so you won’t have to type it in every time you need to log in, reducing the chance that you’ll forget it.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals?


Deposits can always be made via fair crash pay bill number or online.

Online deposits

Logging into your account and selecting Deposit from the menu will take you to the next page, where you must enter the amount you wish to deposit (the minimum amount is Ksh 10 bob), before clicking the “Submit” button.

A message prompt will appear on your phone after you click the submit button asking you to confirm payment of the amount you entered.

Enter your MPESA, pin to complete the deposit if you are satisfied with the amount.

If you have sufficient funds on your MPESA, the transaction will be completed in under a minute, and your balance will be reflected in your account right away.

Pay Bill deposit

Follow the steps below to deposit money into your FairCrash account through  pay bill

  • Go to Mpesa on your phone
  • Choose lipa na MPESA
  • Click on the pay bill option
  • Enter Fair Crash business number 292988
  • Enter the phone number you used to register as the account number
  • Specify the amount you intend to deposit
  • Confirm all details are correct then enter your MPESA pin to complete your deposit

You can perform a verification if your deposit takes too long by going to Verify Mpesa and then entering the Mpesa code you used to make your deposit.



Log in to your account and select Deposit then continue to the Withdrawal tab.

There is no time limit on how often you can withdraw money from the fair crash system, but there are withdrawal fees. The minimum withdrawal amount is Ksh 100.

How To Play Fair Crash Game

It is important to understand how the FairCrash game is played in order for you to enjoy it.

It involves a graph that increases in odds from 1 to a maximum of 3000.

to place a wager The system will give you seconds to place the wager before the graph starts to rise; during this time, you can select the wager amount and then press the wager button.

You must cash out your bet before the raising graph expires in order to win against the system.

When you cash out of a fair crash game before the graph expires, your money is multiplied. For instance, if your bet was Ksh 300 and you cashed out at the odd of 10, your money will be multiplied, giving you a win of Ksh 3000. see pescrash

However, if the graph expires before you cash out, you will lose.

There are two ways to cash out: manually or automatically.

If you want to cash out manually, you place your bet and wait until the maximum odd at which you want to do so; however, If you want to cash out automatically, you place your bet amount, pick the odds at which you want to cash out, and the system automatically cashes out for you if it reaches your picked odd.

If you select automatic cash out but the system doesn’t reach your selected odd, you will lose.


Refer And Earn program

This is a system where Faircrash offers its customers the chance to act as agents and refer clients, and every time the referred clients make a deposit, the agent receives a commission of 3%.

To join this program, which is completely free, simply click this link and complete the aforementioned account creation instructions.

After creating an account, click the “refer and earn” button. This will take you to a page with a unique link; copy it, then start sharing it to invite customers.

refer and earn

Your income increases as you bring in more customers.

Does Fair Crash have Winning Tricks?

No, this is a betting site like any other, so there are no winning strategies here; everything depends on your luck that day.

Customer Care Number

If you ever have a problem, you can always call and speak with Fair crash customer service at this number 0733232323.

Games can become compulsive. Do not forget to gamble responsibly.







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