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Pakakumi is one of Kenya’s most fiercely competitive online casinos. By instantly multiplying your wager, it increases your chance of winning more We will examine Pakakumi in detail in this article, including how to win bonuses.


You must register for a free Pakakumi account in order to use the service; all you need is an Android phone and to follow the steps below. buy smart phone HERE

  • First, visit the Pakakumi website at
  • Upon opening the website after clicking, choose Register in the upper right corner.
  • The next page will load, prompting you to enter your phone number, username, and password.
  • Select a distinct username, a secure password, and your phone number before clicking the “Join” button to sign up.
  • To keep your account secure, you must choose a strong password that is also simple to remember whenever you need to access it.
  • Your account number, which you will use to make deposits and withdraw winnings, is the phone number you used to register.
  • For payments are made through Mpesa, the Safaricom phone number is highly recommended.

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How to win the Ksh 300 bonus

Claim Bonus Now

It’s time to play now that your account has been successfully created, but first, claim your Ksh 300 bonus by making a deposit of that amount.

Make a deposit of Ksh 300 in order to receive the bonus, and be certain to tick the box that says “Yes, I want the Karibu bonus.”

karibu bonus

Pakakumi offers a bonus on deposits up to Sh300, but the maximum bonus is Sh15,000, which is given to a customer based entirely on their first deposit of Sh300 or more.

Is the Bonus withdrawable?

The bonus is not withdrawable unless you use it to make a wager, and you have seven days from the day it was awarded to do so before the bonus expires.

How to Make Deposits

Deposits can be made in two different ways: online or through Paybill.

Online Top

If you decide to deposit money online, proceed as follows:

Log into your account.

Select cashier

The following page will then load.

Specify the amount you wish to deposit.

Click the deposit button after entering the amount you want to deposit.

Your phone will pop up a message asking you to confirm by entering the service pin.

Your top-up will automatically appear on your account balance after entering the service pin.

Pay Bill Top Up

Go to Mpesa on you phone

Choose lipa na Mpesa

Select pay bill option

Enter Pakakumi bussiness number  547717

Enter phone number you used to register as your account number

Enter amount to deposit

Confirm by entering your Mpesa pin

You can deposit no less than 100 Kes.

How to play Pakakumi

To begin with, we will explain how Pakakumi operates. Pakakumi operates on a rising graph that rises from an odd of 1 to a maximum of 3000.


You must cash out before the graph expires in order to be the winner; you can either cash out manually or automatically.

As we had previously stated, Pakakumi is an online multiplier casino. Depending on the odds at which you cash out, it will multiply your money. For instance, if you wager Ksh 50 and cash out at the odd of 10, your Ksh 50 will increase by 10 and you will win 500; however, if the graph expires before you cash out, you will lose

To automatically cash out You decide the amount you want to wager and the odds at which you want to cash out, and you wait for the system to automatically cash out when it reaches the chosen odds. However, if the graph expires before your chosen odds, you still lose.

When manually cashing out, you decide your bet amount and cash out when you feel the odds are good enough to give you a good win, though you risk losing money if you wait too long, for the graph may expire

Does Pakaumi have winning tricks?

No, Pakakumi doesn’t possess any winning strategies because it is a betting site like any other, and success depends on luck.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, try to stake more money and cash out when the odds are low rather than waiting for them to be high. For instance, instead of betting 100 and waiting for the odds to reach 30, you could bet 1000 Kenyan Shillings and cash out when the odds are 3 instead. Although there is no guarantee that you will win, there is a chance that you could lose. also see spin pesa


Pakakumi Customer service

A method for players to contact a legitimate betting site should be available. And Pakakumi provides a service where you can call them at +254743999333, or you can chat with them at the website. see legitimacy

Keep in mind that gambling can become addictive.









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