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Crash games are online casinos that allow you to increase your bet within a minute through increasing graph arithmetic.

crash games

How Do Crash Games Works?

As previously mentioned, crash games utilize an increasing graph method, where the increasing graph is the odds against the amount you bet. The raising graph begins with an odd of 1 and rises to a maximum of 3000. In order to win, you must cash out your stake before the graph expires.

For instance, if you wager Ksh 100 and cash out at the odd of 10, your wager will be multiplied by 10 for a total of Ksh 1000, giving you a profit of Ksh 900, but you will lose your bet amount if the graph expires at any odd before cashing out.

You can cash out your bet in one of two ways: automatically or manually. To manually cash out, place your bet amount, wait for the graph to start rising, then select the best odd before the timer expires.

When you want the system to automatically cash out, you place the bet amount and then select odd. When the graph starts rising, you press the bet button so that the system does so when the odd you selected is reached, but if it doesn’t, you lose.

If you chose an odd of 8, for instance, and the graph expires at 7, you will have lost, but if it expires at 10, the system will cash out automatically at 8, giving you a win.

Here are a few leading crash games you can choose from in Kenya.

1. Fair crash games

fair crash game

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3. Pesacrash


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4. Pakakumi


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Choose your crash game from the ones listed above, and always gamble responsibly.




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