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Pesacrash is a crash game that allows you to multiply your money into higher amounts. For example, if you bet Ksh 10 and cash out when the odds are at 5, you win Ksh 50, but the higher the amount you bet, the more profit you earn. full review of refer & earn

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How does it work?

Pesacrash operates on a rising graph formula, with odds running from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3000, but it busts (expires) before reaching the maximum, for example, at 1,3,5,20, or even 100. To win, you must cash out your bet amount before the odds on the graph expire. see more


Playing Pesa Crash requires you to have an account; if you do not, follow the steps below to create one.

  • Choose this tab>>> Pesacrash
  • It will take you to their wall. Choose the register tab
  • When you click the Register tab, it will display the username, phone number, and password fields.
  • Select your preferred username, password, and phone number.
  • Remember that the phone number you enter will be used to make deposits and withdrawals and serve as your account number.
  • The password you choose should be digits you will remember whenever you need to access your account.
  • After entering the required information, your account will be created and activated automatically.
  • You can now deposit and play your bust games. See also marakumi

How to play Pesacrash?

After successfully creating an account, select deposit to deposit the amount you want to bet with

You are now ready to begin playing and enjoying your game after making a deposit and seeing your amount reflected on your dashboard. On your dashboard, select the bet amount and enter the amount you want to start with, for example, 50. Although the minimum bet amount is Ksh 10, the minimum deposit amount is Ksh 50. Wait for the next round to begin before pressing the bet button. Choose a cashout before the graph expires as the graph rises. winnings

There are two options for cashing out. You can choose the system to automatically cash out for you when the odds reach your chosen level. For example, you can choose a bet amount of Ksh 500 and an auto cashout odd of 5, and the system will cash out for you automatically when the graph reaches the odd of 5, but if it expires before 5, you will lose. more casinos

The other option is manual cashout, in which you choose the bet amount and where to cash out manually, for example, you can bet cash 400 and cash out when the odd is at 10.

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