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Pakamia   Best AVIATOR that multiplies your bet amount up to hundreds of times.

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Marakumi is a crash game that allows you to multiply your money by cashing out odds. The odds are displayed on a graph and range from 1 to 3000, but for each game, it may expire at a different level, such as 30 or 1.02, which means that if it ends at 30 and you cashed out at 28, your money multiplies by 28, i.e. if you invested 100, you would have 2800, earning a profit of 2700

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How to join marakumi?

  • Click on this tab>>>
  • Choose register on the dashboard at your top right
  • Insert the required information i.e your phone number, username, and a password
  • To agree with the terms and conditions place a tick on the required box
  • Press register now to submit your details and your account will be created automatically
  • Remember to choose a unique username and the phone number you used is your account number where you will receive your winnings and pay deposits
  • Password used should be remembered every time you want to access your account

Remember to use the Safaricom number for payments are done through Mpesa see also Pesacrash

marakumi register

How to deposit?

  • Log in to your account
  • Choose deposit
  • It will display the wallet and choose again to deposit
  • Enter the amount you wish and press deposit to confirm
  • Under wallet, you will also see your summary of previous deposits


To withdraw follow the same process and choose deposit under the wallet

The least you can withdraw is Ksh 100 and withdrawal changes apply

How to play marakumi crash game?

After successfully completing your deposit, it’s time to play, where you enter the amount you want to wager with and wait for the graph to start counting, and you cash out before it (busts) expires, or you can use the auto cashout, which will cash out when the odds hit the level you specify.

An example will be provided below to demonstrate this.

If you bet KSh 100 and choose auto cashout odd to be 30 when the graph starts to count and it expires at 40, the system will cashout automatically when it reaches 30 giving you a win of Ksh 3000 where you make a profit of Ksh 2900 and if the graph expires at less than 30 you will automatically lose for the manual cash out you choose where to cash out and if the graph expires before you cash out you will have lost


Refer and Earn

Murakami has an affiliate program in which you can recommend active clients and receive 2% of their deposit every time they make a deposit.

to participate in this program Create an account using the steps outlined above, and then choose on the right after logging in refer and earn, where you will find a link for copy and publish on websites and social media to invite clients and begin earning.

refer and earnYour withdrawal will be processed after you have reached a minimum of Ksh 100. see the full review of pesaclub

Remember, Marakumi is a betting site like any other, and the chances of losing are just as large as the chances of winning.

Gaming should be taken with care.


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