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Kelucky is the most recent fair crypto casino that you can enjoy here in Kenya and is also available in Nigeria


Under Kelucky you can enjoy more than 1,000 available games

Below is a clear guide on how to join Kelucky online crypto casino

  •  To join, click on this link
  • It will open up to the next page
  • Enter the requested information on that page, i.e email a password and the referral code
  • Remember to use this referral code to receive a bonus on your first deposit.
  • The referral code is (65a9159c6fca39da3a441093) copy it and enter the referral code slot
  • After entering the above-required information, Tick the two boxes below to confirm you are over 18 years old, as required by law, and to confirm email receipt of any promotions.
  • Complete the sign-up by clicking on the sign-up button. to submit your registration. see Pakamia here

kelucky registration

How to Sign in to Kelucky

To sign in to your Kelucky account, all you need to remember is your password and the email you used to register. Click on this sign-in link:

After clicking the above sign-in link, it will open to the next page with slots to enter your login details as you used during registration

Enter your details, then proceed by clicking the Sign button

kelucky sign-in

In case you feel like you will forget your password or it is too tiresome to keep typing it, you can always save it to your computer or phone, Gmail, and every moment you click on the sign-in button, it will automatically show up.

How to log out

To always make sure your account is safe, make sure you log out after every successful use.

To log out, click on the profile icon button at the top right. The button is in between the wallet and notification tabs

On opening the profile icon, scroll downwards until you see the logout tab, and by clicking on it, you will have successfully logged out.

kelucky log outHow to make a deposit

For you to be able to play, you need sufficient funds in your account to deposit Follow the below steps

  • Login to your account using the above-outlined steps
  • On your dashboard’s top right, choose the first tab Wallet, and click on it
  • It will open to the next page with the indicated deposit amounts
  • Choose the amount you intend to deposit either by typing manually on the amount slot given or by clicking on the already indicated amounts
  • After choosing the amount, scroll down and click on the deposit amount
  • It will take you to the next page, requesting that you enter the phone number you wish to top up from.
  • On entering the phone number and clicking on the Payment button, you will receive a message pop-up on the phone of the number you provided
  • If you have enough funds in your Mpesa account, enter your pin to complete the deposit
  • Now you can enjoy your intended game after you have successfully deposited

kelucky deposit

How to withdraw from Kelucky casino

After you have enjoyed your favorite game and gathered enough winnings, it is time to withdraw by following the below steps

  • Log in to your account if you have logged out
  • Choose wallet tab
  • On the first page, choose the withdraw icon
  • We never used phone numbers during registration On opening this tab, you will find a red tab requesting you enter your withdrawal record
  • Enter your Bank account or phone number on which you would like to always receive your payments
  • On entering the collect details, you can now proceed to withdraw
  • You can always change the withdrawal details every time you want, unlike other apps where if the account number you used to register gets lost, your account too is lost
  • Withdrawal tax is applicable.

kelucky withdraw

Games available on Kelucky include

see Patamia review

mines panda

crash games

ninja crash






lucky tanks

Among other game

Remember to gamble responsibly for gaming is addictive 

Not for persons under the age of 18 year

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