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Aviator Kenya is an online betting casino where you stand a chance of making over Ksh 10,000 cash a day, depending on how many times you play several games under Aviator Kenya.

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The more you play the more you win.

Under this article, we shall give you a guide on how to join, login and out make a deposit, withdraw, and play some of the games under Aviator Kenya see also Pesaspin

How To Join Aviator Kenya

To join Aviator Kenya, it is absolutely free All you need is a phone with an internet connection and to follow the below-highlighted steps

  • Go to https://www.aviator.com
  • After clicking on the above website, it will direct you to the Winksh wall
  • At the top right, click on the register-free option to start your registration
  • On the next page, you will be provided with slots requiring you to enter your phone number and the password
  • On entering your phone number and password and confirming they are collected submit by clicking on the register button below
  • Now your account is created and it’s ready for use

aviator login

 Remember to use the Safaricom phone number during registration for deposits and withdrawals through Mpesa.

The password you choose should be simple to remember whenever you want to access your account


 How To Login and Out


After you are done with creating your account it’s now time to access your account by going at https://www.aviator.com 

On clicking on the above website choose from the first open page login and enter the details you provided during registration i.e. phone number and password the click login button to request access.

aviator registration

In case you might have forgotten your password you should not worry about losing your account all you need is to click on the reset password option below the login button and follow the guidelines given to reset your password and retain your account

 Log Out

After you are done using your account you need to leave it safe to avoid being used by any other person without your knowledge here is where you sign out by following the below steps

  • At the bottom of your account choose the profile option
  • On clicking on it it will give you more options
  • Scroll downwards until you see set up
  • Click on Set up and choose to Log out option
  • Click on log out and confirm by clicking on the yes option and your account will remain safe

winksh sighout

 How to Deposit and Withdraw


To make a deposit log into your account and at the top right choose deposit on opening the next page you will be provided with a deposit slot enter the amount you wish to deposit and then click the deposit button and an SMS will show on your phone requesting you to enter Mpesa pin to complete.

On entering the Mpesa pin your deposit amount will take just seconds to reflect on your Winksh account.

winksh deposit

The least amount you can deposit is Ksh 10


To withdraw your winnings go to your profile and choose to withdraw which is the first option on opening the profile

After clicking the withdraw option you will be provided with numbers of the withdrawable amounts choose your intended withdrawal depending on your balance where the least you can withdraw is Ksh 100 and the maximum withdrawable is Ksh 10.000

winksh withdraw

Withdrawals take just seconds to reflect on your Mpesa account of the number you used to register.

The games that you can enjoy under Winksh include the following:

Lucky goal
Limbo which is a crash game
Crazy 777
Wheel of fortune
Double spin
Shinning 10
Spin 10
Crazy bird
Spin big
Magic wheel
Flappy bird
Cash spin
Lucky roll
Lucky Pick

The above are some of the most exciting games you can enjoy under Winksh for example

Under the lucky roll, you are given a chance to win the sum of the three numbers that appears when you press the spin button for example if your spins and the 3 number at which the wheel stands are 400,200 and 50 your win will be the sum of the three number which is 400+200+50 amounting to 650.

winksh lucky roll


Another exciting game is the Lucky Pick where you are given a lion and then it’s covered with a bucket and another empty bucket and then you spin after both buckets rotate you are given a chance to choose under which bucket is the lion hidden.winksh lucky pick

Remember to join here to enjoy these and more games

Betting can be addictive and must be played by persons aged 18 years and above.

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