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In this article, we will look at refer and earn sites in Kenya that you can join for free and make thousands of cash within a day depending on your efforts.

Our concentration will be on betting sites that provide the refer and earn program known as Affiliate programs.

The best thing about these sites is that you don’t need to have a laptop or a computer for you to work under them all you need is a smartphone and internet access to start working under them.

You don’t need to keep working the whole day like it is with online writing where you are required to do research it only requires you to share your link

We shall give you a complete guide on how to register and start making cash on every site we mention

How do Refer and Earn sites work?

This program works on special links that are generated from specific sites after you have done registration and when you share the link and a client joins using your link whenever they play you earn a commission on % basis where the commission percentage depends on the individual site.

Note: The sites we are going to contrate on are betting sites that don’t require you to pay anything for registration they are absolutely Free 

Below are the Best refer and earn sites for you


This is an online casino that deals with spinning games and gives you a chance to refer to clients and earn a commission of up to 5% depending on the type of game your client plays.

To join this site follow the below steps

  • Click this link Pesaspinlink
  • It will display the Pesaspin registration page
  • Enter the details requested i.e phone number and a password for the phone number input your  Mpesa active number
  • After you confirm your details are okay submit by pressing the register button and your account will be created. see more

refer and earn spinpesa

Now that you have your account it’s time now to start earning real cash by inviting active clients to join. To invite follow the steps below

Login in to your Pesaspin account you created by above steps

Choose the FREE BONUS section at below options

The freebonus option will open to the next page with two links

Choose the permanet linkcopy it and shart sharing it on social media and freind to invite active clients

Every client who joins through your link will earn you commission of upto 5% depending on the game they choose to play.

Commission is gurranteed lifetime so long as your client remains active

The least you can withdraw as commision is Ksh 500 with no limitation per day

The more you invite the more you earn

refer and earn


gamepawa app

This is another clean site where you can do an affiliate program with over 10 games that your client can enjoy playing as you make extra cashing in the comfort of your home

To join this site just follow this link

On clicking the above link enter the required details password and phone number

Choose a password you will easily remember

The phone number you use will be the account payment for your commission

The least payable amount under Gamepawa is Ksh 500 with no limit withdrawal per day

After you are done with the registration log in to your account on the below options and choose the commission section.

On opening the commission, section copy the permanent link and start inviting for you to start generating cash.

The commission percentage under Gamepawa  ranges from 1-5% depending on the type of game the client plays

 Note Under Gamepawa you have an added advantage for you can earn through sub-referrals where you refers an agent and whenever they invite active client the client earns you a commission every time they play Join Now

If your client remains active you earn a commission lifetime.


huge win account

HugewinVIP is another site that provides online casino games and comes with the refer and earn program giving you the chance to make extra cash through clients’ referrals by your special link that you obtain by registering through the following simple steps

  1. Join Hugewin VIP  now
  2.  On clicking the above link the Hugewin VIP register page will display
  3. Enter your active Mpesa number and strong  password
  4. Hit on the register  button to complete the registration process

After you are done with the registration enter the phone number you provided and the password to log in.

On secure login to your account, below provided option choose the commission section copy your unique permanent link, and introduce it to prospective clients may it your friends or on social media

Every client you invite and play will earn you a commission of 5% of the deposit they make for a lifetime provided they remain active.

Hugewin VIP also provides sub-referrals where you can invite other agents and whenever their clients play you earn a commission of 2%. if the agent you invited invites another agent the third agent earns you 1% of their client’s deposits.

The commission is paid directly to your Mpesa account whenever you have enough balance and you request to be paid.

Withdrawal charges are incurred.

4. Luckypooo


Luckypooo is the latest Pesaclub version that deals with online casinos and virtual games where the client has a variety of game choices they can play from to join follow their website at

By following the website above created your account by entering your active Mpesa number and a strong password you will always remember while login in

After you are done with account creation log in by entering your phone number and the password you choose

On success log in choose the commission section and correct your permanent link and start sharing on social media to draw clients to start earning

For sub-referrals click here to join

The commission is paid on your request directly to your account which is the active Mpesa number you used to register where withdrawal charges are applied

Commission ranges up to 5% for direct clients and 2,1,0.5% for sub-referrals

Other sites that work the same way as the above discussed included;

1. Mallpesa Join Now

2. Winclub click here to join

3. Cheza game join through this link

4. Gamemania hurry and join now

Note you should consider gamemania as your best site for it comes with a commission of up to 20% 

5. Jengacash join today

The below sites deal with crash games and come with different commissions depending on any site but don’t support the sub-referral system they only deal with direct referrals but that should not discourage you from joining them they also generate a good sum.

1. Pakakumi


Pakakumi is a crash game that gives you a chance to work under refer and earn program to join follow the steps below

  • Click the website
  • It will display the Pakakumi registration page
  • Enter phone number user name and a password
  • After you confirm your details click on the Join Pakakumi button to submit your details
  • Your account will be created and ready to start working.

Now login to the account, at the top choose the option button and it will display different options where you are required to choose affiliate program option click on it and it will direct you to the next page where you will see a link, copy the link and start sharing it to invite clients.

Although Pakakumi has a commission percentage of 20%  it works differently from other sites for if a client wins they deduct 20% from your commission section where at times you will find you are running at a negative commission.

2. Pakamia


This is another crash game that gives an opportunity to refer and earn program it comes with a commission % of 4 of the client’s deposit. to join follow this link

3. Faircrash

The Faircrash comes with a commission of 3% of clients’ deposits for a lifetime so long as the clients remain active

join Now

4. Fanaka Lotto

Fanaka Lotto through its refer and earn program gives the agent a 2% commission on the client’s deposit. join 

5. Marakumi

Comes with a 2% commission join today

6. Pesacrash

It provides a 2 % commission for a lifetime from active clients

click here to join

The above are some of the best sites you can do refer and earn programs in Kenya.


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