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Chezagame is an online betting casino platform that gives you a chance to win real cash by playing their simple and exciting games


Below we shall take a full review of Chezagame and how you play some of these enjoyable games

 How To Join Chezagame

Joining this platform is absolutely free no fee is charged to register all you need is to follow illustrated steps below:

  •    Click here
  • It will  display the Chezagame homepage
  • Choose at the top right signup and hit on it
  • On the next displayed page enter your phone number and click on signup
  • A verification code will be sent to your phone number through SMS  enter it and choose a password
  • After confirming your details are correct click on the login button to complete the registration

chezagame registrationregistration


When doing your registration it is good to use a Safaricom Mpesa registered number to facilitate your deposits and withdrawals

Also, make sure your password is simple to remember when you want to access your account and secure. see also LuckyPooo

How To Login and Sign out



It will display ahome page

Choose login on home page displayed

Enter your your phone number and the password

Click on Login button to complete and enter


In case you have forgotten your password click on the reset button above the login tab to set a new password

Sign out

To always keep your account secure remember to sign out every moment you are done enjoying your favorite game to  sign out check through these steps

Click on my account button next to the deposit button

On openning the page scroll down until you see a red logout button

Click on the button and you will immidiately have logged out


Under funds, we shall look at deposits and withdrawals


For you to play and win you must have enough money in your account depending on the game you want to play or how much you intend, to win to have sufficient balance follow the steps below to top up;

There are two ways of making deposits namely

1. Online deposit

To make online deposit login into your account using the steps outline above and choose deposit after which it will open up to the next page where you are required to enter the amount you want to top up with by either choosing from indicated one or typing your intended amount on the lot provided.

After you choose the amount, click on the deposit button to request the top after which a message prompt will show up on your phone requesting you to enter your Mpesa pin to complete the transaction.

On entering Pin and having enough balance in your Mpesa account you will have completed the deposit and the amount will immediately show up on your Chezagame account.

online deposit

2. Paybill Deposit

This is the second option that you can use to make a deposit to your account by;

Go to Mpesa menu on your phone

Choose Pay bill

Enter Chezagame paybill number  299589

Enter phone number number you used to create acconut as your account number

Choose your deposit amount

Confirm by entering your Mpesa sevice pin

Always remember to check if the amount entered is the real amount you want to deposit before entering your pin to avoid paying more or less the amount you want to pay.


To withdraw go to my account and click on it to open the next page, on the next page choose to withdraw and enter the amount you intend to withdraw from your account balance.

On clicking withdraw button after entering the amount value your withdrawal will immediately reflect on your Mpesa account where withdrawal charges are applied.


How to Play on Chezagame

The are many games that you can enjoy under Chezagame but we shall explain some of the best and most interesting ones that you don’t wanna miss the best thing about this platform it gives a demo for every game which gives you a hint on how to play each game you choose.

To enjoy the games make sure you have enough balance on your account

Below are illustrations of some of the best and simple to play  games

Magic Wheel  This is one of the simplest game you can enjoy here for it resembles the normal Pesaspin wheel


Crash X game This is a crash game that gives you chance to multiply your cash in just secs when an odd runs along a graph you are supposed to cash out your bet before the odd expires and your bet amount is multiplied by the odd at which you cashes out for example if you cash out at the odd of 10 and your bet amount was Ksh 100 you amount is multiplied x10 giving you a win of Ksh 100

crash X game

See more crash games

Dice Twice  This is an interesting game that you should not miss, it involves a dice with two sides which are labeled Roll under 50 and Roll above 50 and for you to play you are supposed to predict when the arrow rotates will it falls above or below 50. if you get the answer correct your bet is multiplied by the odd indicated.

You can adjust the dice to indicate below any number your want for example below 10 and above 10 where below 10 will have a higher odd and above 10  a smaller odd. This implies the bigger the range the smaller the odd and the smaller the range the bigger the odd.


Under this game, you can choose to play auto or manually whereas if you choose autoplay the system will play for you automatically.

More or Less This is an exciting game where you are given one number and a hidden number in which you have two options to play the first option is for you to predict if the number that will appear is Odd or Even and if you get it correct your bet amount is multiplied by the odd given below each button

The second option for you to play is where you have to predict the hidden number will be less, equal, or great than the number provided, and for a correct score, the bet is multiplied by odd below the button you hit.

more or less

MineField  Under this game you are given 6 button lows with each low having 3 buttons and one button containing this hidden mine  symbol

mine symbol

For you to win this game you are supposed to touch one button per low without touching the one containing the above mine symbol and if you successfully complete the 6 lows you win and your bet amount is multiplied by the odd above the sixth low


Mines  This game contains 25 buttons with 3 buttons containing mines . To play you are supposed to touch buttons randomly

and every moment you touch a correct bottom the odd increases but if you touch any of the 3 buttons containing mine you lose.

To win you are supposed to cash out your bet and it will be multiplied according to the odds you have reached.


Neon Shapes  This game gives you chance to arrange different shapes where you are given golden shapes and if you make to arrange it all in complete lines with the other shapes the golden shapes give you win the more gold you arrange the more you win


Above are just some of the games you can enjoy under ChezaGame others include;

Extra juice

Fruit Nova

Sweet Bonanza

777 Hot burn

Penalty shoot out

Find the box with bob

Refer and earn program

Chezagame claims to have a refer-and-earn program where you can earn up to Ksh 1000. To join this program create an account with them using the steps outlined above and choose the promotion field it will display the refer page click on refer a friend to get your unique referral  link and start sharing it to invite clients


Chezagame App

Chezagame have an amazing app that you can download on their home page just click on 

and choose download at the top of the home page display


Customer Care service

If you have any queries you can reach Chezagame on their social media platforms or through this number +254709183077


Remember betting depends on luck and should not be taken as a form of investment. Bet Responsibly.


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