Best Fashion For Young Ladies In Kenya 2023

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Best fashion is a dream for every young lady in Kenya and in this article, we shall look at the best fashion that fits every young lady to make her feel complete and fit while in the presence of other age mates. see also young ladies’ weaves HERE

We shall concentrate on clothes and shoes as our main topic that can be shopped at Jumia through this Link

best fashionWhat is the Best Fashion?

Best fashion can be described as wearing body attire that makes you feel comfortable at all times depending on the occasion you are at.

Below are some of the best fashions that you can choose from:


1. Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap

These are sleeveless tops or full dresses that any young lady can wear while she is going out for dinner, especially in hot weather situations 

They have many designs from which you can choose depending on the event or occasion you are attending. 

We have short ones that cover up to your knees and long ones that spread to the bottom also you may find one with a slit and one without it all depends on your taste

Comes with the best prices fromJumia


2. Mustard Mock Neck Ribbed Bodycon

This is another sweet fashion that most young ladies wouldn’t want to miss while having a night date in the town. they come in different tastes which include, knitted, V-shaped, short sleeve and long sleeve among others

Mustard mock can be won as official or casual and mostly they cover up to below your knees, But this may vary depending on one’s taste

Available at Jumia at a competitive price


3. Women’s Zip Front Waist Belt Midi Dress

This is one of the best fashions especially for office working young ladies as the name addresses it comes with a zip and a waist belt.

It brings out your body curves giving out an admirable style that everyone will want to see along the street.

 This midi dress is a full dress that covers your upper and below the body and, It is available in short sleeves and long sleeves where you may choose to wear the short sleeve with a jacket if the weather feels cold

Available on Jumia stores


4. Bodycon SKIRT

This is a skirt that is available depending on your size and brings a perfect outlook when worn with crop tops, plain tanks, or even off-shoulder tops

Check the prices List onJumia here


Bodycon skirt may fit well when won with high heels or long boots

 5. Trendy Sweater Dress Set

This is a full dress that comes in a knit design and it comes with  a long sweater, it best fits ladies who don’t really want to expose their curves

pick yours on JUMIAtoday

sweater set

6. Velvet Off-shoulder 

This kind of dress gives an elegant look where it leaves your shoulders out and covers the other part of your body, they are available in different styles that include;

  • Long covering upto ankle
  • Short above the knees
  • With slit 
  • Without slit 
  • Gown

The type of shoes that you chooses depends on the taste of velvet off-shoulder 

Pick your taste on Jumia

off shoulder

7. Rugged Jeans

These are trousers that fit every young lady along the streets and can be won for the night parties

They give the best outlook when worn with flat shoes but also they can be worn with heels see the price list on Jumia


8. Bell Jeans

Bell jeans give the best fashion, especially for campus ladies they give a stylish statement when worn with crop tops and Suits on night outs

Buy now on Jumia


9. Pallazo Baggy Trousers

This Pallazo trouser is available in stock for ladies who don’t like fitting clothing, although it can be worn by everybody it best fits ladies with curvy bodies. 


Take yours on Jumia

others include

  • Body shapers available on JUMIA


see more details about body shapers Here

  • Fashionable Jumpsuits. See the price list on Jumia


Full price list for blazers on Jumia check here Jumia check here


Blazers are mostly official use and perfectly fit any other attire worn along it to give an excellent outlook

Some of the shoes that fit young ladies’ best fashion are as follows:

1. Heels

See a full list of heels that you may choose from Now On Jumia


2. Boots

There are different types of boots from which you may choose depending on the occasion you want to attend to see the list click Here Now


See also safety boots

3. Canvas

These are light and can be used on night dates especially when you want to dance for they will give ease of stylish movement  

Canvas though expensive they are durable and gives you all that you need in fashion

See the prices on JUMIA



4. Loafers

These are just light and simply designed shoes for ladies in fashion. For style lovers here is where all design lies depending on what taste one likes. Loafers can be worn casually or officially it only needs fittings with the entire outfit.



Other shoes for best fashion may include  Wedges

Edges are used for official and other occasions such as weddings and are available in closed and open designs

best fashion

 Factors to consider when choosing young ladies’ best fashion

  • Cost when choosing your fashion try to consider the cost of different retail outlets to avoid paying more.
  • Durability after you have chosen your fashion style do enough research on the durability of the item to avoid spending more on something that will not last for long
  • Availability do enough research on the availability of your fashion choice to avoid wasting your time looking for something out of stock
  • The occasion when choosing your fashion choose depending the occasion you are attending to avoid feeling embarrassed if you find yourself in an event with the wrong attire

Hopes the above was a useful guide when you were choosing your fashion. Thank you for Trusting our information




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