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Because Luckypoo is the most recent version of Pesaclub, you shouldn’t be concerned that your dashboard might differ. And if you are a new user on this site, you have the opportunity to play casino games where you can win more by bidding less.

Here is a detailed review of Luckypooo, including information on how to sign up and play.

How To Join

If you have a smartphone with internet access, you can create an account on this website for free by following the below steps:

  • Click on
  • It will display a registration page where you choose to register at the top right
  • Proceed to the next page by entering your phone number and a password and click on the register button to submit
  • If the phone number you provided doesn’t have an account with this site and it is correct you will have created an account successfully


When creating an account remember;

To use a strong password but simple to remember

Safaricom phone numbers are highly preferred for deposits and withdrawals are done through Mpesa

The phone number you used during account creation is the account number for both deposit and withdrawals

How To Login Into Your LuckyPooo account

  • Click on
  • On displaying  the page choose login at the top right next to register
  • Enter the details that you used during registration
  • Click on the login tab to access your account

luckypooo login

In case you have forgotten your password click on Forgot Password and follow the steps to reset

How to log out

After you have enjoyed your games its time to leave and you need to keep your account secure, follow the below steps to log out

  • On your account at the bottom choose me and click on it
  • It will proceed to the next page
  • On that page choose to setup indicated as the last option
  • On setup opening, the next page choose Log out and click on it 
  • Confirm log out by clicking Yes and your account will remain safe

log out

How to make deposits and withdrawals


For you to be able to play you needs to have sufficient balance in your account, to top up follow the below steps

On your dashboard choose top up at the top or go to Me and choose top up from options given

On event of clicking top up it will direct you to the next page

On this page enter the amount you want to deposit where the least amount you can deposit is  Ksh 50 bob

When depositing you can choose from list provided or type the amount you want to deposit

After you choose the amount click on deposit button

A messange pop up will show up on your phone after you click on the deposit button

Enter your service pin to complete the deposit 

On having enough balance on your Mpesa the amount will be deducted and immidiately reflect on your  luckypooo account


Note the above method is known as online deposit where the pay bill number currently does not work.

The best thing about Luckypooo is that is cash you deposit more amount than you need they do refund on the event you will not have used the amount see Gamepawa


Luckypooo gives you chance to withdraw your winnings when the balance is enough without a limit on how many times you can withdraw a day, to withdraw follow the outlined steps as follows

On your luckypooo dashboard choose Me at the bottom

Proceed to the next page and clicking on withdraw button

It will open up on the next page where you have option to withdraw either bonus or commission

For Bonus the minmum amount you can withdraw is Ksh 100 and for commission is Ksh 500

Choose the amount you want to withdraw depending on your account balance

On clicking on withdraw button the amount will immediately reflect on your Mpesa

Withdraawal charges are available due to income Tax Act Cap 472 

Bonus stands for your winning and any other withdrawable bonus that you might have been awarded

Commission stands for all earnings that you get from inviting clients

How to play on luckypoo

On Luckypooo there are a variety of casino games from which you can choose. For example;


Under Spinpesa you are given a wheel labeled with the possible amount you can win and the minimum amount you can stake is kes 30. To play this game choose the stake amount and after you are done click on spin, the wheel will start rotating for some secs and then stops with an allow pointing your possible win.



Lucky roll

Lucky roll is one of the most exciting casino games under Luckypooo that you would not like to miss. To Play the lucky roll choose your stake amount where the least Ksh 10 and then click on the spin button the three sets of numbers will roll and then suddenly stop giving you a win of the sum of the three numbers 

for example, if the number as the time of stopping is 100,30 and 40 then your win will be 170.

lucky roll

Other games from which you can choose are;




Jackpot spin

Magic wheel

Cash spin

Lucky goal and 

Pesa roll among others

The more you wager the more possible wins


Bonus is awarded on your first deposit of amount more than Ksh 70 bob where you are given 72 for 70,184 for a deposit of 180 and so on 

Does Luckypooo have an app?

Yes they do have an app that you can download below your dashboard or by choosing me and choosing download app where you will have the best experience under Luckypooo casino games


Refer and Earn program

This is a program in which Luckypooo gives its customer a chance to act as agents and invite clients and whenever they make a deposit you are given a commission that starts from 6%,2%, and 1% respectively. This commission % applies when agent A invites a client they are awarded a commission of 6% and when client B who was invited by A invites C client A will receives a 2% from clients C and when C invites client D A will only receive 1% but the client D invites E A will not receive any commission from E only BCD will receive 6,2 and 1%.

How to join this program

To join this program you don’t need to pay anything its absolutely free all you need is to create an account through this link 

and follow the account creation steps outlined above.

After account creation, log in to your account and choose commission at the bottom of your dashboard where you will see a link labeled permanent link copy it and start sharing it to invite clients.


The more you invite the more you earn and there are available gifts from top agents 


Customer care


Luckypooo have a customer care that you can contact in case of any difficulties using their services

The customer care number is;254 740604059 for both calls and WhatsApp

Remember to take betting with caution for it can be addictive. Not For Persons UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARs



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