Which mobile loan app has the lowest interest rate?

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A mobile loan app is a loan you receive through your phone without having to fill out forms or provide supporting documentation; for some apps, all you need is an active Mpesa account.

As part of the registration process for some apps, you might be required to upload a copy of your ID or even a photo of your face in focus.

In this article, we’ll examine some apps with low-interest rates and other advantages.

1. Zenka loan app

loan app

The best interest rates can be found at zenka, an authorized mobile app loan dealer with offices in Nairobi.

Download the app from the Play Store or by clicking this link, then fill out the necessary information to join Zenka. To register, Zenta only needs your full name, ID number, active Mpesa number, and password.

Remember to enter the promotion code QQUQJ during registration to qualify for a loan with a two-month grace period.

The zenka loan interset is 12% to 39%.

2. Branch

With a reasonable interest rate that changes depending on how long the loan is offered, such as weeks or months, branch is another mobile loan app service provider.


To obtain the branch app on your Android phone, go to the play store

When registering, the branch only needs your name and a clear photo of you; only when you need to invest with them will they ask you to upload a copy of your identification. see here  

Use the promotion code E53BK2 when registering, and keep in mind that you’ll benefit from lower rates and larger loans the more you borrow. see Mallpesa

3. Tala


Another trusted mobile loan app is tala, with fair interest rates based on how much you qualify for in the way of principal.

The tala promotion code is 5UL1H89, and the app is available on the Google Play Store where you can download it, register, and get credit access.

others include;

Okash loan app

Timiza loan app

see more here






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