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The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education  (kcpe) exam is taken by students at the end of primary school before they enter high school. Unlike other exams, where learners are tested by different exam publishers, this exam is administered by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) throughout the country, and all students sit for the same exam for all five subjects.


Following the marking and awarding of grades to pupils from the highest to the lowest, each pupil is awarded a certificate with specific features by the council to certify that the pupil underwent and completed primary education. Full review of school bags

The certificate includes a photograph of the student.


During the exam, each student is assigned an unmarked seat with only exam sitting material and an invigilator in each room where the exam is held, and the government provides security to the students by providing armed police officers.

An invigilator is available to assist the pupil whenever they become stuck and to ensure that they do not copy the exam.

Kcpe subjects

Under kcpe, five subjects are completed over three days, namely

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Science
  • Social studies and Religious Education


On the first day, students take mathematics and English, and English is divided into grammar and writing. In the grammar section, students answer written questions, read a story, and answer questions from the story, while in the writing section, students are given a title to write more about, which is known as composition.

On day two, students take science and Kiswahili, where Kiswahili is divided in the same way as English.

On day three, which marks the end of the exam, students will take social studies and religious education at the same time because it is planned to be a single exam for both subjects.


Each subject is assigned a total mark of 100, with the points divided among the various papers, but only mathematics receives a full 100 without distribution.

In English and Kiswahili, grammar is worth 60 points, while writing is worth 40. Social studies, is worth 70 points, with the remaining 30 going to religious education.

Religious education is tested based on one’s religion, with three different religions tested: Hindu, Islam, and Christianity. see .Pesaspin.com

Unlike previous years, since 2020 by interuption on covid-19, kcpe rehearsals have been held on Mondays and students begin exams on Tuesdays, but this year students went for rehearsals on Friday and began exams on Monday, scheduled to last until Wednesday. buy revision material on Jumia buy here

Challenges during Kcpe

1. Floods

Despite the rain, kcpe 2022 has not been disrupted by floods because there has not been enough rain to cause floods that would impede the distribution of exam materials and students from reaching school.

2. Hunger

In 2022, Kenya has been largely affected by widespread hunger. Unlike the previous year, when only certain parts of the country were affected by drought, this year the entire country received less rain, causing some areas to go without food.

This situation has prompted most county governments to provide food to students sitting for kcpe.

3. Conflict

Conflicts between cattle keepers have been affecting kcpe, but as of 2022, there has been a sense of calm in those areas.

Among the aforementioned challenges, hunger was the most prevalent during the 2022 kcpe, despite the government’s efforts to alleviate the situation.

2022 kpce If the government approves the continuation of cbc, it will be the second last in Kenyan history since 1985, when the 7-4-2-3 system was replaced by the 8-4-4 system under the government of former Late President Daniel arap Moi.


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