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Refer and earn is an affiliate scheme in which you refer an active client in order to earn money. It might be a one-time earn or a lifetime earn.

The finest one is when you bring a customer who will be a lifelong customer. refer

refer and earn


How does refer and earn work?

This program operates on a commission basis, similar to how when you are given a product to sell and when you sell it, you are paid a commission; the more you sell, the more you earn; however, with the refer and earn program, you do not need to sell items; instead, you must refer active clients, and every time they make a deposit, you earn a commission that ranges from 2% to 20% depending on the service provider.

Why join this program?

The refer and earn program should be the first side hustle you consider because it does not require you to be present in order to earn. All you need to do is write articles or advertise through social media or even SMS, which will not take up too much of your time.

The additional reason you should join this program is that it has sub-referral earnings, which means that if you refer a client and they invite a client, you are given a reduced percentage of their deposit. For example, if client A earns you a commission of 5% of their deposit and they invite client B, client B will earn 2% of their deposit, and if client B invites client C, you earn 1% of client C’s deposit.

Please keep in mind that the commission % is not always as stated above; it varies based on the service provider.

In this article, we will discuss the finest recommend programs for casino games.

The best-earning affiliate programs are listed below.

1. Pesaclub

Pesaclub is one of the greatest refer and earn service providers, and we will go through how to join the program below.

How to join?

To join the Pesaclub affiliate program, you must first create an account, which costs free.

  • Click this tab>>
  • Enter the required details i.e phone number and password
  • The phone number you used to join is the account number that you will be using to receive your payments
  • Remember to choose a password you will always remember whenever you want to access your account
  • After successfully creating your account click Commission below your dashboard
  • On clicking commission, you will see a link, copy it, and share it on social media to invite clients
  • Commission under Pesaclub ranges from 5% for first invites and 2% and 1% for sub referrals
  • The more you invite the more you earn



The minimum withdrawal amount under Pesaclub is Ksh 100.


Pesaspin is an upgraded version of Pesaclub. To join, follow the same instructions as for Pesaclub.

I pesaspin

The minimum withdrawal amount under Pesaspin is Ksh 500. see also Betika jackpot

3. Pesacrash

Pesacrash is another fantastic affiliate program that pays you 2% for every active client you recommend and join.

Here’s how to sign up for the Pesacrash Refer and Earn program.

  • Click here>>>pesacrash
  • Enter the required details password and phone number
  • Payments are done through Mpesa so it is advisable to use Safaricom numbers to register
  • After having an account choose the top-right referral(refer and earn)
  • Click on the referral it will direct you to a link
  • Copy the link and share it to invite clients



see also Murakumi


4. Huge win.VIP

Huge Win VIP also offers affiliate programs to help you generate revenue from the comfort of your own home.

How to join

  • Click here>>> Huge win.VIP
  • Enter your active phone number and a password of your choice
  • After creating an account click on the commission
  • Copy the link and share it to invite clients

huge win


5. Pakakumi

Pakakumi is one of the top-paying refer and earn programs, with a 20% commission given anytime one of your invitees plays.

Though it is the highest paying, it operates differently than others in that if your client wins, you are penalized 20% of your revenue; you only gain when the customer loses.

How to join?

  • Click on this tab>>
  • Enter your phone number and password
  • After the account choose GO TO CRASH then choose the affiliate program Copy the link and share it to invite customers


others include

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