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Bust Money is an online ultimate crash game where you can make real money by putting cash out bets in under a minute or referring successful active gamblers.

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Bust money, like Pakakumi, See more, operates on an odd expiration mode where odds run along a graph on which you can pick auto/manual payout mode after placing a bet where the least amount you may place as a bet is Ksh 10.


How to Join Bust Money.com?

  • Click on this tab>>> Bust Money.com
  • Choose the registration tab on the Bust Money wall
  • It will display the slot of password and phone number
  • Insert your phone number and a password you will always remember
  • The phone number you provide is used as your account number while depositing or withdrawing your winnings
  • After inputting of required details press the register tab and your details will be submitted
  • Your account is now active and you can enjoy your casino games

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How to Deposit and Withdraw?

Choose the deposit and withdraw tab on your dashboard, click it, and then select the task you want to perform. For depositing, enter the number you want to deposit to and the amount, then click deposit via Mpesa, and the balance will appear on your dashboard within a minute. For withdrawal, repeat the process, and the balance will appear on your account within a minute.

How to Earn a 5% Referral Bonus?

On your dashboard, click the refer and earn option, which will take you to a link. Copy the Link and share it on social media, websites, and with friends.

Every time a successful referral joins and participates, you earn 5% of their deposit. Remember that in order to earn any of your invites, must be actively depositing and playing. You do not get money from dormant invitations.

Earnings from referrals are permanent as long as the people you invite continue to play.

                                                  Makeover Ksh 100,000 Join Now

Why join the referral program?

Joining this program is the finest decision ever because it will give you additional revenue. All you need to do is join and post your link to get a huge number of invites to raise your earnings because the more active players you have, the more you earn.

Why join bust money?

  • Simple steps for registration
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals take less than a minute to reflect
  • Real winnings with odds running up to 1000 with a low minimum stake of Ksh 10
  • Registered under BCLB so it legally operates in Kenya

Finally, we urge all new clients to be cautious of betting because it is addicting and may drain all of your funds if not approached with the utmost delicacy.

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