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Bust and crash games are the most recent additions to online casinos where gamblers may play and earn real money. In this arena of bust and crash games, you not only win but also have fun, making it the most popular online casino in Kenya.

more sites include;





Pesacrash mjoin now

The extra benefit of this online casino is that you do not have to wait long for the outcome of the wager you put in; it just takes a minute or less to gain money or lose money, but the chances of losing are quite low.

Welcome bonuses are also given, according to the criteria agreed upon by each independent betting site.

What are Bust and Crash Games?

These are online games in which an odd run up to a maximum number determined by any given site and expires along on a designed graph where you may have cashed out your bet, implying a profit, or you may not have cashed out, implying a loss.


Cashing out has two options: automatic or manual, where you choose the cashout option before the odd expires.

On your dashboard, there are two areas where you enter the amount of money you wish to bet with and the odd at which you want your wager to cash out if you opt to go out.

If you want to cash out manually, simply watch the graph as it rises and select the odd at which you want to cash out.

We will discuss some of the greatest busts and crash in Kenya where you can make actual money below.

1. Pakakumi

Pakakumi is one of the greatest sites where you can enjoy bust and crash games without fear of losing money since you have the option of cashing out before the occasional bust.

Pakakumi offers a welcome bonus of Ksh 300 for the first deposit of more than Ksh 300, but this should not deter you from registering because the minimum deposit is Ksh 50 and the minimum stake is Ksh 10.

When you deposit money on Pakakumi, it takes seconds for it to appear on your dashboard; similarly, when you withdraw money, it takes seconds for it to appear on your account.


How to Join Pakakumi?

Below steps will guide you on how to have your own account

  • Choose this tab pakakumi.com
  • Following the click, you will be sent to the Pakakumi dashboard.
  • Select Register from the dashboard and provide the necessary information.
  • Remember to use a safe password that you will never forget when logging into your account.
  • After successfully registering, your account will display; choose Go to Crash to play casino games.
  • You can now enjoy your game sessions.

Pakakumi should be your finest online casino since their odds may approach 1000, which indicates that winning on Pakakumi is more likely than losing. For example, if you place a wager of Ksh 320 and cash out when the odd hits 200, you would have made Ksh 64,000 within a minute.

2. Pesacrash

Pesacrash is another bust-and-crash game that you play while earning extra money.

Follow the steps below to join Pesa crash

  • Choose this tab>>> Pesacrash
  • It will take you to their wall. Choose the register tab
  • When you click the Register tab, it will display the username, phone number, and password fields.
  • Select your preferred username, password, and phone number.
  • Remember that the phone number you enter will be used to make deposits and withdrawals and serve as your account number.
  • After entering the required information, your account will be created and activated automatically.
  • Make a deposit of as low as Ksh 50 and start enjoying

bust games


Club Kuu is another bust-and-crash game that you should not be afraid of investing in because it operates in the same cashing-out method as Pakakumi.

The minimum deposit for you to place a bet is as little as Ksh 50, and the minimum deposit for you to win welcome bonuses is Ksh 300.

How to join club kuu?

  • click on this tab>>>CLUBKUU.COM
  • After the click, it will display the club kuu page
  • Choose registration tab
  • It will display slots of username, password, and mobile phone number which will be used as your account number for deposits and withdrawals
  • After choosing a username and a password that you will always remember when accessing your account enter ok to submit
  • Your account is now ready and you can deposit and start enjoying the games

Other casino games include:

  1. pesaspin
  2. pesa club
  3. bust money.com

and many more …………see also Pakakumi login

Betting should be executed with caution to avoid draining your bank account.

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