Is Pesaclub Legit? Honest review in Kenya

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Online casinos have become a thing in Kenya, among them is Pesaclub, but is this site Pesaclub Legit? Our answer is Yes! Pesaclub is a legit online casino where you can place bets and win real money in Kenya. Below we will answer various questions that helped us determine whether the site is Legit, this includes Mpesa payments, complaints reported, and how legit games available on the platform are. also, see bust money



Pesaclub is an online casino in Kenya that allows you to win real cash by playing games such as Spinwheel, Lucky Roll, Fruit Machines,  vv v v vi and other similar games online. The advantage is that you can play these games anywhere on your phone and win only after some minutes. join also Pesa crash

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Is Pesaclub legit? Below is our honest review

We did ascertain that you can bet on the site and win cash, however, just like any other betting site, there is a risk of losing cash. We will look at various factors in the sections below to understand how Legit this betting site.

How secure is Pesaclub’s Website?

When using websites, especially those that involve money transactions, it is important to ensure that they are secure. A secure website usually has https:// and a padlock at the beginning of the site link. Pesaclub can be accessed through this means that the website is secure to use.

Does Pesaclub pay winnings?

Any legit betting site has to pay all players and on time and Yes, Pesaclub will pay you your winnings. When you win on the Website and reach the minimum withdrawal requirement which is KSh 100, you will be able to receive the cash on your Mpesa through the phone number you used to register. The payment is usually after some seconds unless there are delays with Mpesa. 

That being said, there are some cases where there have been Withdrawal issues, the main one being not being able to withdraw or make a deposit, If this happens, your withdrawal remains pending till it is confirmed. The issues are however resolved quickly and you will for sure receive your cash.

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How long does a deposit take to reflect?

On Pesaclub, the deposit reflects immediately unless there are Mpesa delays. The deposit method is through Mpesa, you just enter the amount you want to deposit and submit, after that, you will receive an Mpesa request to complete the transaction.

Does Pesaclub have Customer care?

Legit betting sites have customer care agents that respond to issues the Users are facing. So does Pesaclub have customer care? Yes, Pesaclub has active customer care, you can call or even chat with them on WhatsApp. From our experience, texting them on WhatsApp is the simplest way to get the assistance you are looking for. You will get a reply as far as your query is related to their platform.

Pesaspin customer care

Is Pesaclub referral Program legit?

Yes, the referral program is legit. On, you can also make money by referring users to their site through your unique referral link, each time a user you referred plays, you will earn a commission. You can withdraw your earnings to Mpesa after reaching KSh 500.

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Which Legit games are available on Pesaclub?

There are various real games that you can play on this betting site, in all of them, you have the probability of making cash or losing. Here is a list:

  • Lucky Slots
  • Jingle fruits
  • Violent NBA
  • Football Frenzy
  • Magic Wheel
  • Fruit Machines
  • Cash Spin
  • Big Match
  • Flappy Bird
  • and more…

spin wheel

Is Pesaclub registered in Kenya?

We could not find any information on the registration of Pesaspin.

Complaints by users

The common complaints are about not winning, other users have complained about losing more times than the number of times they are winning. However, when gambling, there are always two outcomes, you can win or lose.

Does Pesaclub have winning tricks?

There are sites/people out there claiming to give winning tricks or tips for Pesaclub, this tricks however do not work. It is important to understand that most games on Pesaclub depend on luck and not any general formula, there are hence no tricks to winning.


Pesaclub is a Legit online casino in Kenya where you can win real cash and get paid through Mpesa. Like any other casino, you should remember that you can win or lose. Casino games can also be addictive and it is hence essential to play responsibly. 


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