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Pakakumi is a crash game in Kenya where you can place bets and win in less than a minute, but is this site legit? Yes, Pakakmumi is legit and you can win real money on the platform. To understand how legit Pakakumi is, we will answer various questions about the platform below, this includes proof of Mpesa payment, complaints made by users and how legit the betting site is.

As we mentioned at the begging, Pakakumi is a crash game, while it can be classified as a betting site, it is more on the casino side since it does not involve sports betting(although they introduced a football Jackpot recently). join Pesa crash

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Is Pakakumi legit

The game is played by placing a bet and waiting for the multiplier odds to start raising, you should cashout before the round is busted, your win will be the amount placed multiplied by the odds when you clicked on cashout. If the round is busted before you click on cashout, you have lost. One main advantage is that you win after some seconds unlike in sports betting where you have to wait for the game to be played, on the other hand, the disadvantage is that you can lose your cash very fast. Join bust money

Is Pakakumi Legit?

To determine whether Pakakumi is legit, we will look at various things that a genuine betting site should fulfill in the sections below.

1. Is Pakakumi registered in Kenya?

Genuine online casinos should be registered and licensed by Betting Control and Licensing Board(BCLB). This Board ensures that the betting sites operate within the laws of Kenya, above that, it will look at the betting systems to ensure that they are fair and not designed to suck all the players’ money.

So is Pakakumi licenced by BCLB? Yes, the site is operated by Reys and Meys Limited which is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BLCB) under the  Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya. License number 0000438.

2. Does Pakakumi Pay winnings?

One major requirement of a legit betting site is that it should pay the players their winnings. If you win on Pakakumi, you can make the withdrawal any time of the day and get your cash on Mpesa instantly unless there are issues with Mpesa services. The amount will be sent to the Mpesa number that you used to register, and a 20% Tax will be charged on your withdrawal as required by the law.

Pakakumi Mpesa real payment

To withdraw from Pakakumi, click on the cashier option, choose withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

3. How long does a deposit take to reflect?

A genuine Casino should process deposits made to the site without delays, this is exactly what happens on Pakakumi, once you make a deposit through Mpesa, the amount will reflect immediately on your account unless there are Mpesa delays.

Depositing to the site is also easy, just click on the Cashier option, choose deposit, enter the amount and submit, you will receive an Mpesa request to complete the transaction.

4. Is Pakakumi affliate program Legit?

Yes, the affiliate program is legit and you can through it. To earn, go to the affiliate options, copy your affiliate link and start sharing it, once someone joins through your affiliate link, you will receive a 20% commission each time they play. The Commission is on a revenue share model, that is, you will get 20% when they lose and be deducted 20% when they win. Withdrawals are sent to your Mpesa, you can however only transfer the amount to your wallet once every 14 days.

Pakakumi affliate

5. Does PakaKumi have a customer care service?

Every Legit betting site should have a way for players to reach them on any issue. So does PakaKumi have a customer care service? Yes, the betting site does have a customer care service, you can call them at +254743999333 or post your question at the public chat on their website.

6. Is PakaKumi secure to use?

Sites that involve money transactions should be secure to use, a secure website usually has an encryption certificate, once the certificate is installed, the site can only be accessed through https:// instead of http:// additionally, you will get a padlock before the URL. Sure enough, Pakakumi has an encryption certificate since it can only be accessed through and has the padlock.

7. Complatints on Pakakumi

There are some users who have complained about not winning on the betting site, however, just like on any other betting site, you should expect to win or lose. Other users have reported not being able to withdraw their cash when they have an active bonus, and affiliates have also reported not being able to withdraw when someone they referred have active bets on the site, they had to wait till no one they referred was playing to withdraw.

8. Are there tricks to win on Pakakumi?

No, there are no tricks that you can use, the game is based on random odds and hence winning depends on luck. Anyone claiming to give tips on how to win on Pakakumi is most likely lying.


Pakakumi is a legit online casino in Kenya where you can make real cash by playing the crash game. However, one should play responsibly since there is the risk of losing cash just like in any other betting site out there.

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