Best Betting Sites for the 2022 World Cup

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The World Cup is a four-year football event involving different countries organized by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Finally, it was held in Russia in 2018, with France winning the cup in the finals after defeating Croatia 4-2.


Qatar, as a FIFA member association, was given the honor of hosting the 22nd FIFA World Cup competition this year. The competitions will begin on November 21 and end on December 18.

Most people enjoy watching these events, but some will try to make money by making predictions about the match’s outcome. These predictions can take place in real casinos, with members betting money or property that will be awarded to the person who correctly predicts the outcome.

Because real casinos can be costly and time-consuming for working people who want to participate in predictions, some companies have created online casinos where you can pick your predictions and deposit a certain amount of money that will be multiplied by your predictions stakes and give you the amount you could win. See also sports shoes

best betting sites

Betting is the most common term for these internet predictions. The best betting sites for the 2022 World Cup are listed below.



This is one of the most reputable betting firms in Kenya, offering all types of international and local games. You can place your bets based on your interests.

To select your predictions, you must first create an account with betika.com, which you can do here. Following that, you will most likely be prompted to deposit the amount you wish to wager and then select your predictions from your chosen field of games.

Why is Betika.com the best betting site?

  • legal gambling firm
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals are available.
  • a large number of game options
  • Bonus for 10 or 11/12 correct jackpot predictions

2. 22Bet

22bet banner

22bet is a Kenyan-based betting site that requires you to create an account in order to participate in their wagers. It provides both betting and casino services. All local and international games are available on 22bet’s website.

Click here to register for a 22bet account and fill out the needed information.

3. Pesaclub.com

This is not a betting site; it is an online casino where you must create an account, deposit money, and spin to try your luck. You may lose or win when spinning the wheel, depending on your luck. Click here to create your account.

Spinning wheel

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