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When the rainy season arrives, everyone thinks of the best warm apparel they can find, including raincoats. Here, we’ll look at the best raincoats for women, men, and children. See also ladies’ jackets

top raincoats

What is a raincoat?

A raincoat is a water-resistant or waterproof suit worn to protect the body from rain. Raincoat refers to both the top and bottom of the garment, including the trousers, in most fashion sectors. Raincoats that are waist length are sometimes referred to as rain jackets.

Below are some of the best raincoats available onJumia.

1. Kinley Parka

It pours when it rains. However, don’t let a deluge ruin your day.

Fortunately, the Kinley parka is ready to protect you from even the most persistent rain. This long rain jacket is for you if “raindrops keep dropping on your head.”

With a water-resistant rain shell stuffed to the brim with insulating down, the Kinley parka goes above and beyond. There’s a large hood to keep the rain at bay, as well as ribbed-knit wrist cuffs to keep you warm, and dry.

Best for: Women looking for a parka-style raincoat with a hood from a reputable company that understands the dangers of being caught in inclement weather. best price on Jumia


2. Belted Bonded Coat

Gone are the days when you’d spend hours putting together the perfect outfit only to hide it beneath a shapeless, faceless raincoat. Thankfully, the belted bonded cotton coat eliminates the need to choose between style and functionality.

This coat, made in Italy of strong bonded cotton, not only protects but also completes your ensemble. And it’s a stylish one at that. The A-line design and double-breasting, which come in a cool, bright white, will ensure you’re a stunning ray of fall sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.

The belted bonded cotton coat is one of the best raincoats on the market.

Best for Women looking for rainwear that complements their natural style while being ultra-chic and, most importantly, ultra-dry.

best raincoatscheck on Jumia

3. Anorak

The finest rain jacket for women should have two key features: waterproofing and breathability. The  Anorak has both, plus a dash of elegance on top of it all.

The  Anorak is expertly manufactured from heavyweight, water-repellent with a hint of elasticity for optimal freedom of movement.

Available for those seeking the best long raincoats for both men and women, with a chic twist on a classic style that will stay safe


Available on Jumia stores

4. Patagonia

Providing year-round warmth Jackets from Patagonia are worth their weight in gold. This jacket has a feather-soft touch and is lightweight, making it ideal for a storm or light drizzle.

Long parkas and short rain jackets are available, both having Gore-Tex fabric and a DWR coating for a smooth finish. Take it with you everywhere you go because it fits easily into any size compartment.

Jumia retailers have the best raincoat for men.

best raincoat

5. Under Armour

For more than two decades, Under Armour has provided high-quality athletic apparel. Its unique designs produce high-quality, comfortable outerwear that is suitable for all weather conditions. Choose from parkas to short raincoats in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs. You’ll be ready for your next trip once you’ve tried this brand.

under amour

check on jumia

6. Rains

Rains prepare you for inclement weather by combining great elegance with practicality. These jackets include classic tailoring with a modern twist and are made of robust, water-resistant fabrics so you can go outside in nearly any weather. They go with every piece of clothing and make you seem sleek and trendy!

Available for men who want a comprehensive waterproof raincoat that will keep them warm and dry in the face of strong winds and heavy rain.



7. Prada

Prada is what happens when you put a high-fashion spin on a traditional piece of apparel. No matter how wet it is outdoors, this outerwear is precisely made to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Its crisp and conventional tailoring will keep you dry while also making you seem very fresh.

Best for males looking for a fully waterproof rain jacket with the assurance of cutting-edge technology to keep them warm and dry in adverse weather.check on Jumia


 8. Mackintosh

The greatest method to boost your wardrobe this season is to add this brand to your collection. Mackintosh rain jackets offer exceptional weather protection without sacrificing fashion. Each garment’s classic tailoring keeps the wearer in fashion while also keeping you warm while it’s raining outdoors. It’s a classic piece that belongs in any man’s collection, regardless of his particular style.

Mackintoshcheck prices on jumia

9. Mammut Kento

Mammut Kento will take your outdoor adventure to the next level. It is one of the most technologically advanced alternatives on the market, with a classic rain jacket feel. It’s not only waterproof, but it’s also made of breathable fabric, so you won’t get too hot when walking in the rain. Take on a storm or a gentle rain with confidence.

This is the best raincoat that any man should have in his on jumia

Mammut Kento

10. Lightweight  Hooded Rain Coat

With this coat’s bright fluorescent accents, you won’t have to worry about your kids’ visibility in the rain. The outer is made of waterproof nylon, with a plush, soft fleece lining.

It’s available in staggering various colors, so there’s something for everyone in your family.Jumia stores

Girls Rain Jackets Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Rain Coat

11. Rainslicker

Little hands can easily manage the zippers on the Rainslicker.

It’s a practical, comfy rain jacket that also looks great.


12. Polka Dot

Unlike plastic-like raincoats, polka-dot choice is constructed of incredibly soft fabric that moves with your child. This lightweight piece is entirely waterproof and doesn’t require an extra liner, making it ideal for layering.

Polka Dot

13. Triclimate

This waterproof 3-in-1 jacket will keep your sweetie toasty and dry when Mother Nature hits you with a double whammy of frigid temperatures and pouring rain. The two parts are zipped together to create a fluffy interior and smooth, dry-vent nylon outer.

Your child can wear the outer on its own for lightweight protection on hotter rainy days.

best raincoatcheck all kid raincoats on Jumia

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Raincoats

  • Material -This is, without a doubt, the most crucial component. Raincoats are often thought of as hot rubber jackets that don’t breathe, although new materials (such as nylon) have made them more breathable and comfortable. A rubbery classic, on the other hand, is ideal for short jaunts.
  • Weather -Before determining which of the best ladies’ jackets to purchase, the weather should be the first factor to consider in order to avoid discomfort while wearing if you choose against the weather.
  • Cost -What you get is always determined by how much you are willing to spend. Make sure you choose items that are within your budget.
  • Size -Right now, there are a variety of styles available, ranging from trench to windbreaker to someplace in between. The most protection is provided by trenches with hoods; however, always choose what is most comfortable for you.

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