Best Sandals in Kenya for women, men & Kids

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Closed shoes are not always comfy, at times, we will need something open, there are different footwear we can choose from in this case, and one of the perfect choices is Sandals. However, there are different types of sandals and picking the right one can be hectic. Don’t worry though, below, we will give you the right information you need and also provide you with our pick list of the top best sandals in Kenya.

best open sandals

What is a sandal?

A sandal is open footwear that covers part of your foot. They are open in design, however, they have straps that ensures that your foot remains attached to them as you move around. In fact, some sandals are well designed such that you can attend high-end events with them.

Best Sandals in Kenya

Here is our top picklist for the best sandals in Kenya. When compiling this list, we considered the quality of the sandals, design and feedback from previous buyers. The list has something for everyone, from ladies, and men to children. Additionally, you can easily order any of the Sandals listed below from Jumia Kenya and pay on delivery.

1. Flip Flops

While you can still get Flip Flops for men, we found these ones for ladies to have a cool design. Flip Flops are usually Y-shaped and they get their name from the flipping that happens between them and the foot as you walk. There are different designs available with some having flower-like designs at the top while others are plain. A wide range of colors is available to pick from.

What we like about the Flip Flops sandals is that they have a simple design and yet can be worn in most places(both indoors and outdoors). You can even get a color that will match your toe polish giving a good sense of style. The downside like in most other sandals is that they will be a bad pick in muddy seasons.

Flip Flops

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2. Leather Sandals

For quality sandals that will serve you for a long time, leather sandals are the perfect pick. Different brands do offer leather sandals, however, the most popular are the Maasai ones which have a good reputation for durability. The common color for leather sandals is brown and black, the design is quite simple too.

They can be worn indoors when going outdoors or even in casual events(events that are not too official). We like the quality of these sandals even though their style is not that appealing. Another downside is that their cost is high, this is attributed to their good quality.

leather sandals

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3. Thong Sandals

This is yet another classy pick for ladies. From their name, you can definitely guess what they will look like, their straps are usually thin, the straps are hard enough to stand on their own and they are attached to three points on the base(sole). Some designs are the wear and go type while others require fastening. Additionally, there are different cool designs determined by how the straps are arranged.

Why should you wear boring closed shoes when you can go for a Thong Sandals that will also show your beautiful toe polish? While you can wear them indoors, the design for these sandals fits outdoor events. On a muddy day, however, you will not like these sandals.

thong sandals

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4. Gladiator Sandals

Looking for something that will fit an outdoor event perfectly? Especially parties, weddings, etc. The Gladiator sandals might be just the perfect choice for you. These sandals are long with straps around them from top to the bottom. They can reach to your thighs or just below the knees, what that means is that they are perfect with short dresses or shorts.

These sandals have a good design, in most cases, they will come in plain color. We believe that this is a good pick for outdoor sandals, especially for events. The downside of the Gladiator sandals is that they are perfect with a certain dress code only, for example, a long dress with the sandals might not make a lot of sense.gladiator

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6. Platform Sandals

In your closet, you might be having a lot of flat sandals and looking to diversify, or rather, flat shoes might not be your thing. Here is something for you, the Platform Sandals. They are raised by either having a heel or by a thick sole. There are different designs and colors, some are wear and go while others will require fastening.

There are those plain colored ones that you can go to work with if your workplace is not that strict. In general, these are outdoor sandals and can be used in plenty of events. However, due to their shape, they might not be as easy to walk in when compared to the flat sandals.

Platform SandalsPlatform Sandals

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7. Crocs

These are very popular sandals and you have definitely come across them. In most cases, they come in a plain color and the greater front part is covered. They are very convenient and easy to use since they are the wear-and-go type. For Crocs, there is something for everyone, from men, women or even children.

While their advantage is the convenience and affordable cost, they also have a downside. Crocs use is limited to indoor use and home use, you can not show up for a serious event or go to the workplace with these sandals.



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8. Sport Sandals

Sports sandals are that thing you should pick if you are a man. They are designed with athletes in mind but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for them, just like you would buy sports shoes while you are not a sportsman you can get these ones. The sandals are made of quality durable material and they are partially closed, there are also different colors available but the most common ones are bluish and brown.

One good thing is that these sandals can be used in most outdoor activities. However, they are not a suitable choice for official workplaces and high-end events, also, if you work with tools at your workplace, just go for the safety boots.

Sport Sandals

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9. Slide Sandals

Slide Sandals is perhaps the perfect pick for anyone looking for indoor sandals. Just like the name sounds, you just have to slide in your feet and start moving. Their design is simple, it is a sole with a strap at the top, this strap just covers the top part such that the toes and heels remain exposed. There are different colors and designs, also, different materials are used to make these sandals.

As we have mentioned, these sandals fit indoors use best, that is not to say you can’t use them outdoors, for example going to the shop. Their downside is the limited cases that they can be used in.

Slide SandalsSlide Sandals

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10. Strappy Sandals

These are classy sandals and are loved by most ladies in Kenya. Strappy sandals’ name perhaps comes from the many staps they have, most of the time, the heel is also closed but the toes are open. You can get wear and go or one that needs fastening. The range of colors is big but most come in plain color.

Strappy Sandals are best for outdoor use, you can even wear them at important events such as weddings. There is nothing bad to say about these ones except that they are not the best pick for muddy days.

Also, see top ladies’ shoes in Kenya.  

strappy sandals

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11. Jelly sandals

Jelly sandals are available for ladies, however, the best fit is for kids. If you are looking for a perfect sandal for your young girl, this is one of the best. What makes them the best you ask? You know kids with water, right? Imagine now you bought a sandal that absorbs water, what will happen when your kid goes playing in the water? For Jelly sandals, this is no problem, they are made of water-resistant material.

They have this translucent appearance and the colors are wide. They are also covered at the top and have a heel strap, the front and heel remain exposed. The sandals are however suited for outdoor activities except in official places such as school.


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 12. Boho Sandals

Looking for trendy sandals? Then Boho sandals are what you should go for. They have beautifully designed with mixed colorful materials. They are the perfect choice for a young lady and can be used in most outdoor events. For indoors, this is not the right pick, on official wear workplaces too.

 Boho Sandals

13. Wedge Sandals

Last on our list of best Sandals in Kenya are the Wedge Sandals. They have a slightly raised heel but are not as big as the Platform sandals, this means that walking in these sandals will be easier compared to the latter. Staps are at the back with one wrapping around the ankles and an additional at the front. The heels, toes and part of the upper foot remain exposed. The Wedge sandals are best suited for the outdoors.

Wedge Sandals

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Tips on picking the best sandals

There are different tips you can use when shopping and buying your sandals, here is a list:

  • Occasion- as we have seen, some sandals can only be used indoors. Others only fit certain outdoor activities, additionally, some will give you a sense of fashion when used in certain events, for example, Gladiator sandals at a party. Also, don’t forget some might make you look dumb, for example, showing for an interview on Crocks.
  • Budget- the much you are willing to spend will always determine what you get. Make sure then that you are picking the ones within your budget, for example, we noted that leather sandals are a bit expensive.
  • Quality- we all want quality items that give class and service. To get value for your money, make sure you check on the quality.
  • Design- for the design, it is a matter of your preference, this will go with how the sandal is shaped, color or even whether you want to match with your other clothes. For example, you might have a pick toe polish and decide to go for a pink sandal.
  • Size- this might sound obvious, but make sure you confirm the size. Also, if buying for a kid, you can buy a slightly bigger size since they grow fast and you do not want them to outgrow the sandals after a few times of wearing them.

There you have it, those are the top best sandals in Kenya and tips that you should use when picking your next sandal. You might however find more out there, do not hesitate to buy them if they are of good quality and attractive design.

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