The Best Open Sandals in Kenya 2022

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For our feet to have fresh breath sometimes we need to wear the best open sandals, in this article we shall review on best open sandals for both men and women.

best open sandals

What is an open sandal?

This is a shoe that does cover all of your feet, it comes with straps that may go round the feet or cover parts of your front feet. Below are some of the best open sandals that you can shop on JUMIA

1. Flip Flops

These are the most simple of the best open sandals that come with a sole and a Y-shaped strap. Available 

flip flop

2. Leather Sandals

These are popularly known as Maasai sandals though we have other brands, leather sandals are durable and a bit expensive. They are available for both gents and ladies in different styles. shopleather sandals

3. Thong Sandals

Among the best open sandals for women, these ones come with a strap that covers the backside of the feet they are simple and comfortable when walking with them. buy them

thong sandals

4. Gladiator Sandals

When we mention fashion these types are among the best open sandals that fit in well. They come with a simple rubber sole and straps that extend up to the knees after which laces or straps are added spreading to below the knees. They are mostly used by modeling ladies. check price gladiator

6. Platform Sandals

For ladies who want to feel like they are high on heels but still want their feet to have a fresh breath, this is the best open sandal that matches them. They come with straps that go round the feet, though the front straps are separated from the back ones. The sole may be heel type or raised flat. Available 

Platform SandalsPlatform Sandals

7. Crocs

These are the best open sandals for their accessibility and durability, and they are pocket friendly. They can be worn by any gender. buy here



8. Sport Sandals

These types of open sandals come with multiple straps and are mainly designed for athletes, they also come in different varieties and fit well in fashion. Available for both women and men.

Sport Sandalssee also sports shoes

9. Slide Sandals

These come with an open toe and strapless back they are the best open sandals for wearing after sleep when relaxing indoors or around the compound though we have some designs that can be used outdoors. buy now 

Slide SandalsSlide Sandals

10. Strappy Sandals

This is designed for ladies to fit in style and fashion. also see ladies’ shoes.  

buy yours here

strappy sandals

11. Jelly sandals

If you need to play on the beach and don’t want to go barefooted here is the right sandal that fits your adventure for it is made from water resistance plastics. PICK HERE


 12. Boho Sandals

Young ladies always want to have the latest in fashion and boho sandals are one of a type that won’t leave you behind when fashion is mentioned. They

 Boho Sandals

13. Wedge Sandals

Unlike heels, wedges give do offer a maximum balance, they are the best open sandals for their comfort. Check your preference

Wedge Sandals

Factors To Consider When Buying Your Best Open Sandals

1. Occasion

When buying your best open sandals you should always check on the type of occasion you are to attend because not all sandals fit any occasion.

2. Budget

Budgeting will always help you when buying to avoid spending more. Comparing different prices from different sources will help you in your budget planning.

3. Availability

To avoid wasting more time when buying your best choice of open sandals you should always first do research on whether it’s available to avoid wasting a lot of time looking for a product out of stock.

In ending this article we hope it helped you when choosing your best open sandals. THANKS!!! for choosing us.

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