Best Hair Extensions And Their Prices In Kenya 2022

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What Is Hair Extensions?

These are hair added to your natural to make your look more attractive. The best hair extensions may be natural or artificial fabric material, below are some of the best hair extensions and their estimated cost. see also hairstylesbest hair extentions

1. Headband wig

This hair extension will cost you around Ksh 2,800 buy here 

headband wig

2. Yaki Straight Wig

Yaki wigs are among the best hair extensions that come in different colors depending on one preference. They are pocket friendly for cost around Ksh 2,300. Available 

yaki straight wig

3. Afro Curl Wig

afro curly wigs

Buy here 

It will cost you around Ksh2,300

4. Afro Puff

This will cost you around Ksh 1,500 buy now  

afro puff

5. Artificial Dreadlocks

For dreadlocks extensions you may have to dig deep in your pocket for it may cost more depending on your pick. costs Ksh 5,000-20,000 buy now 


6. Bun and Frindge

bunbuy here 

7. Long Hair Extension

buy here

long hair extensions

8. Short Drawstring

This will cost you around Ksh 1,500 Available

short drawstring

9. Spring Curls

With only Ksh 1,500, you will have the best hair extension in this style.

shop here 

spring curls

10. Human Hair Wigs

This type of hair extension is among the most expensive the prices will range depending on your preference.

check prices 

human hair wigs

11. short wave wigs

With Ksh 2,000 you will shop yourself one.

Available here 

short wavy wig

12. Marley Drawstring

If you really love this with only Ksh 1,700 you will owe yourself one pair.

shop here 

marley drawstring

13. Hair Bun Extension

This type of hair extension comes with different styles that one may choose depending on taste. With as low as Ksh 400 you will have one.

 check availability 

hair bun

14. Ombre Spring Twist

This may either be long or short it will only need you Ksh 1,200 to owe it.

shop here 

ombre spring

15. Ombre Braids

This comes with a wide range of colors that you might choose depending on your preference. With only Ksh 600, you will have it ready for fixing.

check more 

ombre braids

Others include;

a.long curly

b.headband wig 

c.Brazilian wool 

d.Twisted BraidsvWigs 

e.Donut hair extensions 

Factors to look at when buying the best hair extensions

1. cost

Even though beauty is essential, we should choose the best hair extensions that are pocket friendly to avoid having drained pockets.

2. occasion

Not every of the best hair extensions would fit any occasion, we should choose wisely the hair extension that fits your occasion.

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