The Best School Bags In Kenya In 2022

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What is a school bag?

This is a bag used by learners to carry their learning materials and other accessories. In the article, we shall take a look at some of the best school bags in Kenya and their different features for the learners. SEE Also women’s handbags

best school bags in kenya in 2022

1. Pencil Pouch

Sometimes putting your ink pens together with books may cause a mess by spillage, to solve such problems this bag is designed for packaging your pens separately from the books. It also gives you ease when looking for a pen.

Pencil pouch

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2. Lunch Bag

This bag is designed with enough space to put your lunch boxes and fruits, it also helps to keep your food and drinks warm for hours, in case of drink spillage it helps leakage and finally, it helps you look more organized by not putting books and lunch tins under one bag. Buy now


3. Backpack With Attached Lunchbox

Here comes the best school bag that fits your kid, it’s designed with a matching lunch bag attached at the back of the bag it helps your kid not to forget the lunch tins. buy now

best school bags

4. Waterproof Backpack Bag

During the rainy seasons sometimes you might be worried about what to do to prevent your books from getting wet but you need to worry no more here is the best school bag that suits you under such seasons. See also winter clothes

water proof school bags

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5. Solar Panel Backpack bag

Sometimes we may require laptops or tablets in our daily learning and electricity may not be available which may result in power problems to cater for such situations this is among the best school bags designed with a back fitted removable solar panel and an inside battery to charge your gadgets. Check prices 

solar panel backpack bags

6. Anti-theft Backpack Bags

For the best school bags to keep your accessories safe in populated areas these types of bags are designed with inside hidden pockets and lock-down zips. AVAILABLE 

Anti-theft backpack bagThe best school bags in kenya in 2022

7. Laptop bag

This is designed to carry laptops, books, and other learning materials. It best suits high school, college, and university students, when choosing this type of best school bag one should consider the size of the laptop. shop here

The best school bags

8. Studded backpack bag

This type of school bag comes with decorative features that put it in fashion as every lady would want to feel the latest in fashion for it best suits teenage girls. prices

school bags

9. Plush Backpack bag

Every kid would love the best school bags in fashion, this type is designed for preschool and toddlers for their cute design. Teenage girls do love them as their shopping purses. 

plush backpack bags

10. Sequins Backpack Bag

This type of bag comes with small decorative shiny disc-shaped beads making it look attractive. For its attractiveness, it qualifies to be the best school bag for your kid for they would enjoy playing with sequins. It best suits girls but there are few designs for boys. Shop HERE

sequins bag

11. Mesh Backpack bags

These are the best school bags suitable for carrying extra-core activities items such as swimming costumes, they are designed to fit primary, middle, and secondary school students. check 

mesh backpack bags

11. Roll Top Backpack Bag

For students with massive sets of books, this is the best school bag designed to fit them for its load-carrying capacity. shop right here 

roll top bag

13. Sling Bag

This type of bag comes with one strap that runs along one shoulder, waist, and the front, it’s the best school bag for carrying lightweight school accessories. Mostly preferred by high school, college, and university students. Best Prices 

sling bag

14. Drawstring backpack bag

This comes with string straps that are also used in the opening of the top opening. it also has a back pocket is among the best school bag for its ease of cleaning.


best prices

15. Basic Bookbag

This is just a small designed bag for carrying only books and a few school essentials such as pencils, a ruler, or a rubber. it’s the best school bag that suits preschool and primary children. buy 

basic school bags

Things To Consider When Buying The Best School Bags

1. Durability

To avoid going back to shop soo often when picking your best school bag you should look at the one with durable qualities.

2. Attractiveness

At least when shopping for your best school it should not be boring.

3. Purpose

This should help you to pick the best size of the bag that you need

4. Cost

To avoid incurring an extra cost when buying your best school bag you should compare prices from different sources before finally picking your choice.

In conclusion, we hope the information we shared about the best school bags guided you while picking yours. THANKS.

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