The Best Body Shapers in Kenya 2022

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Every lady wants to look attractive along the streets but some may decide to use the best body shapers to improve their body shape attractiveness. Below we shall take a look at the best body shapers in Kenya in 2022.

The Best Body Shapers 2022








What Are Body Shapers?

These are under-worn clothes designed to smoothen body parts and keep them in a more attractive fit. Let’s have a look at some;

1. Maternity Nursing  Bra

Skims Maternity Nursing Sculpting Bra

These types of body shapers best suit pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. BUY HEre

2. Torsette

Firm Control  TorsetteshopFirm Control  Torsette

These body shapers come with shoulder straps and may come with an open bottom or closed one. They are love for their smoothing factor all day long.

3. Mid-Waist Thong

Sculpting Mid-Waist Thong

These help in calving your waist and smoothing your tummy. Check newborn clothes

4. Luxe

Luxe Lift Tank

These body shapers come with shoulder straps. They are designed to fit your mid-section part of the body, they can be worn with an extra bra without creating discomfort.

5. Commando Thong

Classic Commando Control Thong

This works well for tummy-slimming and waist. buy on JUMIA

6. Mid Tigh Short

One Core Mild Tigh Short

This body shaper works well for your thighs and they are smooth, light, and can be worn with any outfit. see prices

8. Open-Bust Tight Shaper

8. Shape By Caciques Open-Bust Tight Shaper

This type of body shaper comes with adjustable straps that give you chance to wear it at your comfortable fit. It’s used to shape your thighs and tummy. shop now

9. High Shorts

High Power Shorts

These will work well for your hips, thighs, and butts without leaving behind the tummy. see hair products

10. Form Shape Wear

Maiden Form Shape Wear

For people with big tummies who are not comfortable with them this type of body shaper will best fit you. It’s designed to shape only your tummy, unlike others that also shape thighs. check

11. Briefer

Lace N Smooth Body Briefer

When it comes to comfortability this body shaper will work in perfection for it shapes your body perfectly. It doesn’t need an extra bra. It comes with adjustable straps. shop with us

12. Post Pregnancy Tummy Transformer

Bounceback Post Pregnancy Tummy Transformer

For women recovering from pregnancy this type of body shaper best suit them for they are smooth thus creating comfortability all day long. Under this category we also have tummy trimming belts see prices

12. Back Smoothing Bra

Back Smoothing Bra 

Some ladies love tight clothes and with a normal bra they will experience discomfort, but with this type, everything will go on well even without showing lines on your backside. BUY rIGHT hErE

13. Arm Slimming Shaper

Reach Arm Slimming Shaper

This body shaper will work well on your sagging skin along your arms.

14. Convertible Bodysuit 

Wacoal Red Carpet Medium Control Convertible Bodysuit

For its comfortability and best support, it best suits weddings and any other special occasion. It’s strapless.

15. Trousers

Body Shaper Trousers

These help you have a clear and attractive below outlook, most of them cover up to your abdomen and thus can be called high waist trouser body shapers. BUY NOW

15. Butt Lifter Shorts

Fajitex Butt Lifter Shorts

This helps you to fake a figure you would wish to have along the streets by trimming your tummy and lifting your buttocks.


These factors include;

1. comfortability

When choosing a body shaper we should always choose one that makes us feel comfortable all day long.

2. Size

Every moment we go shopping for a body shaper we should not pick too large or too compressing one that will keep our body all day squeezed.

3. Environment

Sometimes body shapers may not suit some environments, for example, heavy body shapers may not suit hot areas

In closing the article we hope the above information helped you while choosing your best body shaper in 2022.

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