The Best Women’s Handbags 2022

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What is a Women’s Handbag?

This is a small bag used by a woman to carry everyday personal items. The best women’s handbags 2022 can either be;

the best women's handbags 2022

a. Clutch

This is just a simple flat handbag without a strap or handles.

clutch handbag

b. Shoulder Bag

As the title sounds this is a long strapped bag that suspends over the shoulder.

shoulder strapped bag

c. Pochette

This is small shaped like an envelope handbag, sometimes they come with a strap.

pochette handbag



d.Flight Bag

This is a shoulder suspension handbag with a zip and it is used by air travelers.

flight bag for women

For the fashion lovers in handbags below are just some of the best women’s handbags;

1. Half moon bag

This is a leather handbag designed mostly for young women. As the title reads it takes the shape of a half-moon.

halfmoon handbag

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2. The Kate Bag

This handbag features a golden textured leather material and adjustable shoulders strap it falls under Saint Laurent handbag designer.

The Kate Bag

3. Crossbody

This is a lightweight handbag that is mostly used by travelers to carry things like passports, cellphones, and such, in fashion, this can be used for styles.

crossbody handbag

4. Book Tote

Book tote is one of the best women’s handbags Under Dior bag designer. This bag can be carried by hand or hang over the shoulder.

Book tote

5. Puzzle Bag

This type of bag is designed with pieces of leather that form together like a puzzle and it derives its name from there, it contains a removable strap. They come in different colors that one can choose according to taste.

puzzled handbags

6. 4G Bags

These are small bags that can be carried by hands or suspended over the shoulder, they may have a removable strap that can either be leather material or chain-made.

4G bags

6. The Cleo bag

This bag comes with a suspension strap and a magnetic button closure, its pocket has a curved design. The suspension strap is not removable.

The Cleo Bags

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7. Cassette Bag

This bag comes with a flap closure, zipped single inside pocket and it has a lambskin lining. it can be hand-carried or shoulder hangs for it come with a classic suspension strap chain.

cassette bag

8. The Dionysus Bag

For most young ladies and women Gucci is most of the favorite search, under Gucci women bag designer, the Dionysus bag is one of the best women’s handbags for shoulder suspension.  It comes with multiple inside pockets.

The Dionysus Bag

9. Museo Tote

This type of bag comes with hand leather handles and a removable shoulder strap, it also comes with inside zipped pockets.

museo tote


10. The Alix Bag

Women’s handbags come in different tastes but for the best women’s handbags 2022 this one takes it all for it can be used as a travel bag for carrying more items or as a handbag for just carrying simple items.

the alix bag

Factors to consider when picking the best women’s handbags 2022

a. Purpose

Most people would do the mistake of just buying a handbag without knowing how best it will serve them. Before buying a handbag we should be specific on what or why we are buying it.

b. Cost

Every woman wants to be the latest in fashion, and under any new arrival in fashion, the prices might be high due to scarcity or even hiked depending on demand, due to this factor before finally arriving at picking a handbag one should do research on different selling outlets to avoid being overpriced.

c. Occasion

The handbag chosen should rhyme with the occasion to avoid cases of embarrassment. For example, a model should choose a bag that is either hand-carried or shoulder hang.

In conclusion, the above are just of the best women’s handbags 2022 that one can choose depending on one favourite taste among other factors. We hope the information was helpful in your search for the best women’s handbags 2022. Thanks.


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