Best Ladies’ Shoes In Kenya 2022

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Ladies and shoes when it comes to fashion go hand in hand like a ring and a finger, for any occasion we have different shoes that fit but we shall concentrate on the top best ladies’ shoes in Kenya 2022. suggestions

ladies shoies

1. Ballet Flats

These are ladies’ flat designed shoes that give a comfortable time while won, ballets come in different variety of colors that can be chosen depending on one’s favorite color. These types of shoes can be worn with different types of clothing, can be worn officially, casually, or for late-night outs. For their lightweight, they are the top best quality for young ladies. See prices

ballet foot wearballet ladies


2. Heels

Heels are shoes designed to have the wearer’s heel raised from the ground than the toes, under heels we have different types but below are the  best choice picked by most ladies in Kenya;

Best Ladies' Shoes In Kenya 2022

a. Cone Heels

These heels are the best choice in fashion for models. They require perfection for one to walk on them freely.

cone heels

b. Kitten Heels

These have a short heel with a slight curve making the heel in from the back edge of the shoes. These are best ranked for official use.

kitten heels

3. Wedges

These shoes are best known for their design which serves as a single piece of material serving as both the sole and the heel. Wedges can be light or heavy but are comfortable while worn.

wedding wedgeslight wedges

4. Boots

Taste and design are the most popular thing that makes one choose a certain type of shoe, boots come in different style and design that different ladies have love of. Below are the top best ladies’ choice boots in Kenya.

a. Timberland Boots

These boots are popularly chosen by young ladies in Kenya they are the best choice for their warmth and perfect design. They can be used on different occasions some of which include hiking. When worn no worries against injuries for they offer maximum protection to the feet.

Timberland bootsbuy now

b.Rain Boots

When it rains everyone wants to feel warm and comfortable but for ladies, always to feel fashionable even under these harsh conditions, for this reason, these boots are designed to fit fashion for ladies in rainy seasons. For heels lovers, we have boots designed to cater to them.

women rainboots women rain boots design

c. Calf Boots

These boots are designed to cover the leg between the ankle and the knees. Most of these boots are designed to keep warmth for that reason they are the best choice for the winter season. They can also best fit country music lovers.  Also, see winter clothes. 

calf bootswomen calf boots

5. Flat Rubber Shoes

Age is a blessing from Above and it comes with consequences, for that reason old aged women may have difficulties in wearing heeled shoes but falt rubber comes to their choices but that doesn’t deny the young generation from having a pair. For the young women who want just to feel comfortable and young ladies who want to be stylish under this category, they have a variety of choices.

fashionable falt rubbersflat rubber shoes

6. Canvas

These are just light shoes for ladies, they are designed to keep comfort and to have the feet breathe freshly. They are worn casually and are best for driving for their lightweight.

ladies canvas


7. Loafers

These are just light and simply designed shoes for ladies in fashion. For style lovers here is where all design lies depending on what taste one likes. Loafers can be worn casually or officially it only needs fittings with the entire outfit.

Best Quality Ladies Shoes In Kenya 2022

Factors To Consider While Picking  The Best Ladies’ Shoes In Kenya 2022

1. Comfortability

When choosing a  pair of shoes we should always go for the one that will keep us comfortable all day long, by this we should always consider the size that fits our feet before finally paying for it.

2. Occasion

Before coming to the final decision of buying a pair or pairs of shoes we should always consider our daily routine, for example, if you are a golf player you cant have all your shoes as heels at least you must have some pairs for the golf attendance. Furthermore, the occasion should be highly considered for an instant, while doing a wedding it is better to opt to buy and hire one.

3. Cost

When doing shopping for shoes we should at least choose the ones that are pocket friendly to avoid leaving our pockets drained.



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