The Best Safety Boots In Kenya

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When shopping for the best safety boots, in Kenya you will find a very wide of brands to pick from. There are however some that have endured the test of time. We have hence complied a list of the best safety boot in Kenya below. This information will help you make the right choice as you shop for a durable, quality boot.

On every occasion in our daily lives, safety comes first. Safety boots are in the class of footwear and are designed to give maximum protection to the foot. They mainly apply in certain professions where safety is a priority which includes,petro station attendees, construction site guys, and electricians among others.

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The Best Safety Boots In Kenya

What are safety boots?

These are shoes made with extra features to offer maximum protection of feet and toes while working in areas with sharps or falling objects. Safety boots mostly are designed to cover the feet up to above the ankle. Here are some of the best safety boots in Kenya that ensure safety guarantee at all times while worn;

1. Jallatte Softane

This is a safety boot designed for wear on construction sites, it has a steel sole to protect one from sharp objects that might be stepped on mistakenly it is also toe-capped to prevent toes from the harm of any object that might fall. They are waterproof.

safety boots

2. RS PRO Honey steel

These safety boots are known as honey steel for their honey look color, they have features such as a midsole steel toe to enhance protection of the feet against injuries it also gives fresh breathing to the feet.

honey steel


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3. Caterpillar Frame Work

These are best for those working in security companies and transportation for they have perfectly waterproof features.

caterpillar safety boot

4. Puma Safety Conquest Black.

This safety boot has the unique features of a fully waterproof membrane and a metal cap toe to avoid damage while working on the knees. They have a side zip and some are designed in a spiral way.

Puma Safety Conquest Black

5. Timberland work stead

This has waterproof leather, dual-purpose hardware, and Anti-Fatigue giving it the style and protection you need to feel comfortable and protected all day long.

Timberland work stead

6. Delta Plus SAULTS S3ESD

This is designed for various types of industries such as light and heavy industry, mining, and trade. It Prevents the worker from slipping and protects you from cuts that may be experienced during work time

Delta Plus SAULTS S3ESD 

7. Dunlop Purofort

These are lightweight and durable boots for construction that offer maximum comfort and protection during achieving daily scheduled duties. They are designed to cover up to above the ankle and slightly below the knees.

Dunlop Purofort

Above are some of the best safety boots in Kenya that you can consider while picking one to deal with your safety while on your daily duties. Below we shall look at some of the factors to consider while choosing the best safety boot.

Factors to consider while buying safety boots

a. Quality

Whenever we are about to purchase anything quality is the first thing that crosses our mind, also while picking a safety boot this must also be the most essential thing that we look very keen to make sure our safety and protection are guaranteed all the time.


Before deciding on which safety boot to choose we must first do good research about the availability to avoid wasting time looking for unavailable ones.

c. Cost

Though safety is a basic need for every worker whether experienced or casual safety boots are very expensive to buy. When we opt to go for them we should always make sure what we choose doesn’t leave our pockets drained.

d. Environment

When choosing safety shoes we should always consider our working environment, for example, if you are working in flood areas best shoes for this environment should be fully closed with no laces, and for areas with high temperatures shoes should have maximum breathing systems.

In conclusion, we hope the above information was helpful to you while gathering information about the best safety boots in Kenya.



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