The Best Ladies Hairstyle In Kenya 2022

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When we mention the word fashion hairstyle perfectly fits here. For fashion to be complete in Kenyan ladies hairstyle comes first, under this article we are going to pick the best ladies hairstyle in Kenya 2022.


What is a hairstyle?

A hairstyle is how the hair is kept, this can either be cut or knitted. A hairstyle can mostly define who one is according to how it’s kept, to have a good look it is always well to have a neat hairstyle. Some people prefer different hairstyles depending on their work. Below are some of the best ladies’ hairstyles in Kenya 2022.


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1. Shorthair

Short hairstyle refers to any cut hair generally from its original length, this may be the extension or one natural hair, some people may prefer to cut the hair completely short while others may decide to have some areas left with different styles. Others may prefer a short stylized and dyed. Among short hair include;

i. Neat Feathered Pixie Cut

For the official working ladies, this kind of hairstyle fits them.

Neat Feathered Pixie Cut

ii. Chopped Undercut pixie

This kind of hairstyle is where you either cut the back or sides leaving the front top with long hair.it perfectly fits models and those in the music industry. also among young ladies in Kenya, it is being embraced as fashion and for that reason, it is chosen among the best hairstyles in 2022Chopped Undercut pixie

iii. Low Cuts

This is the kind of hairstyle where the hair is trimmed or cut off completely, under this we have different styles which include;

a. Seven Low Cut

This is a hairstyle where you trim the edges of your hair that might have been shedding off and giving your a headache. Some might just pick this trending hairstyle to be natural.

Seven Low Cut

b. Afro Low Cut

Some ladies just love natural hair not soo long and not too short, afro low cut is their answer you only need to trim the hair just a little on the sides the rest is done the look becomes one of its types.

afro low cut ladies hairstyle


c. Exquisite Low Cut

This kind of hairstyle is where the hair is cut off and left just a little of it and sometimes dye is applied according to one taste. This style suits those who find it a headache to keep making up their hair every morning before leaving the house for daily chaos. This requires just gel application.

Exquisite Low Cut

2. Braids

Braids are lengths of hairstyle made up of three or more interlaced strands, braids are made from artificial hair and attached to the natural here to give a nice look. In Kenya schools, nowadays have allowed ladies to have a long well-kept hairstyle, braids fall under this category for they are just plain though they come in different colors. For official occasions, black plain braids fit well but for fashion, any other color will do better. To give a more attractive look sometimes bids are attached along with the braids. Braids can only be used once.

official braidscoloured braids

3. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have a style almost similar to braids, but unlike braids are prepared immediately and done with, dreadlocks require a lot of preparation and treatment before they give a clear look, they can be artificial or human hair, people with short hair but love dreads tend to buy but buying them sometimes can be very expensive. Unlike braids dreadlocks when finally gives a final look they only require maintenance, the styles can be changed depending on the owner’s request.


4. Wigs

A wig is a human or artificial hair made for head covering, for people who love short hair but need to look different when they go outside wigs are suitable for them. Also for people who need a different hair look each and every day but have time to visit a hair maker is stressful for them due to time limits wigs are the best suitable for them.

best wigs

5. Crochet

Crochet is an extension of straight, braided, twisted, or curly, hair either artificial or human, they last for a period of time and are then removed and one might look for a different crochet style. We also have dread crochets. crochets come in different colors one might choose according to her taste.

dread crochet crochetcrochet

 What to look at when choosing the best ladies hairstyle in Kenya?


Not all hairstyles fit every occasion, for example, short colored hair does not fit an official job for such reason when choosing a hairstyle we must be considerable of occasion attendance.


Comfortability is what everyone wants to feel every moment of the day, choosing a hairstyle should go with one’s area climate, for too hot areas we should choose a hairstyle that fits the area. For instant, it’s not advisable to pick wings in windy areas for they might bring embarrassment at one point.


Fashion and budget sometimes can bring confusion, when choosing a hairstyle one must consider how deep that style needs her to go deep into the pocket.


Every lady in Kenya wants to look good in fashion, while picking hairstyle we should go with the latest fashion at least not to be soo much behind.

In conclusion, we hope the above information helped you in picking the best ladies’ hairstyle in Kenya 2022. THANK YOU for choosing us.

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