Top Best Ladies Wear In Kenya

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When we mention about fashion ladies are the most aimed at in this area, in this article, we shall review on top best ladies in Kenya and the factors to consider while choosing one.

What are ladies wear?

This simply means women’s clothing. below are some of the top best ladies wear in Kenya;

1. Kimono Dress

Kimono dress is a Japanese traditional dressing style that is being embarrassed here in Kenya by ladies. Ladies do choose the style they want the dress to be designed according to one’s taste, different styles include a blazer and trousers or a skirt. Kimono is accepted as formal attire and for that reason formally working ladies choose it for its perfect outlook for that reason it becomes among the top ladies wear in Kenya.

Kimono dressKimono attire



2. Bubble Dress

Modeling is becoming a popular career here in Kenya, every modeler needs to have an attractive outlook, for this reason, bubble dresses have become among the top ladies wear in Kenya.

bubble fashion dress

3. Shirt Dress

This dress can be worn formally though they are not totally accepted for formal use when it comes to business people this fits in here perfectly, they can also be worn for dinner or coffee purposes. They are designed to fit from top to bottom as one attire, they may either have buttons or zip on the front side.

shirt dress

4 . Babydoll Dress

For every young lady in Kenya when it comes to fashion non is left behind, the babydoll is mostly designed for fashion to fit middle-aged and young ladies, babydoll dresses mostly when worn goes slightly above the knees, on the upper side they can be one shoulder open, both or closed.

babydoll dressBabydoll

5. Wrap Around Dress

During the hotter season, this kind of wear is best suitable. They are light and when worn one feels comfortable, they are best when worn casually and they fit both indoors and outdoors.

wrap around dress

6. Polo Dress

A Polo dress is a short dress categorized under casual wear, it can be worn for dinner in places of relatively warm temperatures, it also fits business ladies such as stylish or one working in barbershops for it gives an excellent look. Mostly polo dress is worn by young ladies in Kenya.

polo dess

7. Strappy Dress

Fashion and modeling go hand in hand, for the strappy dress, is mostly designed for models. strappy may either may be long or mini dress this comes alongside ones take and design, these long dress mostly comes with a slit one side but sometimes both sides.

strappy long dress


8. Sweater Dress

This is a long knitted dress that looks like a long pullover and it is worn to keep the body warm, these dresses mostly when worn they do stretch. They may have a long neck or a normal one depending on the owner’s request.

Factors To Consider While Picking Top Best Ladies Wear In Kenya


Age is the most crucial thing when it comes to fashion and ladies, when choosing the top best ladies wear in Kenya one should consider clothing that goes with her age.

Body size and shape

When a new fashion hits the country everybody wants to feel the taste of it . In this hurry, one should be very keen on what she chooses to avoid shames when one may have chosen small or unfitting clothing.


New fashion ranks wear as the top selections for a period of time, under such situations sellers may take it as an advantage to exploit the buyers by overpricing the product for this reason before deciding on buying one should do enough research to avoid overpaying.


For every occasion, dress code is a key factor when choosing the top best ladies wear in Kenya of should a bit by the occasion mode of dressing.



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