Best Sports Shoes In Kenya 2022

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Sports is one of the most paying talents in Kenya and can be done as a career or as a hobby according to one taste. Shoes are one of the most essential requirements in sports, without them, one may not feel comfortable while enjoying sports. In the article, we shall go into detail about sports shoes in Kenya 2022. While buying top sports shoes in Kenya one must consider the types of sport and the condition under which the sport are being taken. Below are some of the top sports shoes in Kenya 2022; checklist on jumia

Sports Shoes In Kenya 2022


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1. Trail shoes

Trail sports shoes are designed for running in places with hardships, eg on bushy, muddy areas, or across beaches. In Kenya, this kind of shoe is highly preferred by athletes for they usually do their training across forests or areas without clear paths and that makes it the top sports shoe in Kenya. They offer maximum protection against injuries.

Best Sports Shoes In Kenya 2022


2. Support shoes

This kind of shoe is designed to give support to runners without a correct pattern of running, it offers extra support to runners. In Kenya, most people are becoming obese and they are advised to do more exercise by their doctors, one of these exercises includes running and due to increased weight running for them becomes a headache, due to these difficulties in running they require extra support which is comfortably provided by this kind of shoes. They offer very nice stability.

best support shoeArch support shoe

3. Spikes shoes

These are racing shoes with pins underneath which helps the runner to have less energy used while running. They can be used for long or short-distance racing, for long-distance racing fewer pins are used, and a durable sole. In Kenya, the best places to do training are hilly and this makes it necessary for trainees to have spike shoes which makes them top sports shoes in Kenya. They are best in wet for their gripping ability.


spike shoes

4. Boots

Basically, a boot is a footwear that covers the foot and extends to the ankle and some might go to the knees depending on fashion and the intentions of wear. Under this title, we are going to look at the top boots used in Kenya in football and hiking.

a. Football

football is a game in which parties involved kick a ball with their feet and for this to be successful footwear is needed to prevent injuries, under this article our aim is to look at top sports shoes in Kenya. Below are the top selected;

i. firm boots

These boots have studs that are made from rubber or plastics and the studs are not interchangeable, they are used in places with natural grass mostly short ones.

firm boots

ii. soft boots

Consist of metallic studs which are interchangeable, they give the players a conducive environment while playing on long grass or marshy grounds

soft boots

b. Hiking

Hiking is walking for long-distance or even climbing mountains. In Kenya hiking is becoming more popular and people a taking it as part of the sport, this makes it worthy to think of safety. When taken as sports we look at the best shoes that fit in here and found the top most used shoes in Kenya are;

i. Danner mountain 600

These are leather boots mainly very light and give a very clear appearance, they are waterproof. When it comes to hiking boots they are not much pocket-friendly but Danner mountain has just sorted price and durability once.

Danner mountain 600 for hiking

ii. Cute boots

These are not only cute but they have the added advantage of maximum protection and mild functionality. They are mostly loved by women. see also safetyboots

cute hiking boot

5. Alpha flex

When we mention golf AlPha flex is not left behind for its super design, stability, and excellent grip. Golf is played in fields with grass and for reason, alpha flex is designed to be waterproof.

alpha flex sports shoe for golf

6. Code chaos

In rainy seasons you don’t have any reason to stay at home and fail to attend your favorite golf club code chaos is designed to work under that condition, it’s also designed to give a comfortable walk for every strand you make.

Sports Shoes In Kenya 2022

7. Energy force 12

These are most preferred by table tennis players, they give very nice stability to the play it is the latest version.

Energy force 12 shoe for table tennis

Some of the factors to consider when buying top sports shoes in Kenya.

1. Sports

There are different kinds of sports all across Kenya and that gives us a chance to know the right shoes to choose from.

2. Budget

Cost can sometimes leave our pockets drained if we fail to budget for what we want, while choosing top sports shoes in Kenya according to one taste we should choose one that fits our wallet size.

3. Durability

When choosing the top sports shoe in Kenya we should look for the life span of the shoe.


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