Best Men Fashionwear in Kenya 2022

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There are different styles of Best Men Fashionwear in Kenya 2022. This depends on various factors such as personal preference the event one is attending or even the kind of work one does. In this article, we will discuss men’s fashionwear in Kenya. have a look at weaves

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Best Men Fashionwear in Kenya 2022

Men’s Fashionwear in Kenya

Let us see the different kinds of dressing available for men in Kenya in the sections below.

1. Casual Wear

Casual men’s wear is informal wear but designed to give a presentable look when worn. In Kenya, most men do prefer jeans trousers and v-shaped t-shirts that give them a very clear outlook. Some men though may also prefer wearing short jeans and vests preferably when going out for shopping, ridding out for adventure or even going swimming but still the fashion gives them a nice look. Mostly this wear is found ready-made either made here in Kenya or imported. Buy now

men jeans

Other men’s fashion casual wear may include;


-casual jackets


2. Official wear

Official men’s fashion is a formal dress code that is accepted in a certain institution, example in Kenya most people who work in offices are not allowed to wear any dress but they have certain designed clothes that fall under official fashion wear. Mostly these men’s official fashion suits, like in banks they do prefer them. Security companies guarding big buildings in Nairobi are encouraging this code of dressing. Official men’s fashion can either be ready-made or one may prefer to look for a designer and have it designed according to his will. Plain shirts are mostly preferred for official wear, a tie also gives a nice look when worn with men’s official wear. The material used in making men’s official wear includes silk, cotton, and fabric which gives a very smart outlook.

men official long sleeve and a trouser

3. Sportswear

Sportswear is the clothing is worn during sports eg, athlete, football, hockey, etc,.. or when one is going for physical exercise. They are best known for their lightweight especially when the exercise is tough that might cause one to sweat. The material used in making this sportswear include spandex which is best known for its stretchable ability and polyester which have a lighter characteristic. Sportswear is either locally made or imported, they are sometimes used by companies to advertise their product by sponsoring a team or giving it out as a gift. Some sportswear includes;

a. Tracksuits

Tracksuits consist of a jacket and a trouser, mainly used by athletes or swimmers, they can be used to do joggings in the early mornings and late in the evenings. Buy here


b. Shorts and a shirts

Mainly used by teams while playing a match or even when rehashing ahead of a match eg Kariobangi sharks. eThis may be designed using a country’s national flag colors, for example, Kenya might decide to design its national football team a uniform that has its national flag colors.

shorts and t-shirts

c. Polo shirts

Polo shirts are the best men’s fashion in Kenya along with sportswear, these polo shirts are mostly in games that are seemingly as luxurious. Some of these games include; tennis and golf.

p;lo shirts

4. Ankara

Ankara’s best men’s fashion in Kenya is stylish clothing used occasionally it may be used in a wedding ceremony, dowry, or a birthday celebration. Ankara men’s wear is the most embraced by young men in Kenya. This code of dressing consists of a shirt and a trouser that can be either be of the same or different colors but are made of kitenges. The shirts can either be long or shorts sleeves, some people do prefer Ankara men fashion while in a short-sleeved shirt and a short, animal hide designed cape worn with Ankara gives an excellent look also capes can be made similar to the whole set of Ankara, Ankara are mostly designed according to the owners request depending on kind of occasion they can be designed here in Kenya or in other countries.

Ankara weaAnkara short



Factors to consider when choosing the right  best Men fashionwear in Kenya 2022

To get the right dress code, there are different things that you should consider. These factors will also guide you as you do your shopping. Below is a list of them.

The event

The event you are attending will determine what to wear. For example, your dress code when attending a wedding will automatically not be the same as a person going for a hike. At a wedding, you should consider wearing more presentable clothes as compared to the sports-oriented ones when going for a hike.


As we mentioned before, some workplaces will require a strict mode of dressing. Hence, when doing your shopping, you should consider what is required at your workplace and the career you are in. For example, a person working in an office might have more suits compared to a Sportman who will have more clothes in the sportswear category.


We would all like to dress flashy, but then, expensive dressing means more cash used. The size of your pocket will definitely determine what you can buy. Even with that, it is good to have a clear plan on how much you are willing to spend on your clothes.

Above is a look at Men fashionwear in Kenya, as you might have noted, it is nice to have a mix of men’s wear from different categories. This will ensure you have something to wear in each event you attend, whether it is hitting the gym, that interview or a party.




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