Best weaves for young ladies in Kenya

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Beauty is of essence to young ladies, a well-kept hair is just but one of the things that enhances this beauty.  There are many hairstyles that you can use, among them are the weaves. In this article, we will look at the best weaves for young ladies in Kenya and factors to consider when picking one Available on AMAZON. see also nails

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What is a Weave?

A weave is an artificial or human hair through integration. The final product usually resembles natural human hair.

List of best weaves for young ladies in Kenya

There are a lot of weaves in the Kenyan market, below is our choice of the top best weaves that will fit any young lady.

1. Fashion Body Weave, Remy Body Bundles

Fashion Body Weave With 100g, Remy Body Bundles For Wigs


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This is a very good weave with exceptional features that you are going to like. The weave has a lightweight of 100g meaning it will not be a load on your head. This soft and smooth weave can be combed and brushed without loss of hair. The weave can also be washed and restyled without losing its quality.

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2. Brazilian Human Hair Wig Middle Part Short Curly Ombre BOB Wigs

Brazilian weave

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This is a perfect wig for a short-styled theme. The weave is black in color and made of high-quality material. Unlike most weaves out there, this weave is durable and hence a good pick. If you are looking for a curly hairstyle, you should consider this on your list.

Factors to consider when picking the best weaves in Kenya

In order to get the best, there are things that you should consider, below, we will look at tips that will help you when picking your weaves.

1. Price

The cost of the weave is one of the major things to consider. The price of the weave will depend on its quality, however, some sellers might overprice their goods and it is hence advisable to compare prices from different sellers.

2. Type of weaves

There are different types of weave, each of them has its own unique property. If you understand the type of weaves, you will be able to pick the right one with regard to your taste. Let’s hence look at the type of wigs you will get in the market below.

a. Virgin human hair

Virgin human hair is the type of hair that comes directly from humans. This is not mixed with any other artificial materials.

virgin human hair

b. Peruvian human hair

This comes from virgin human hair, they are easy to care for, and manage, and are very soft in texture. They can be dyed to change the color and remain in good condition

Peruvian wigbuy here


c. Indian hair

When it comes to thickness lovers Indian hair is your choice, it’s highly chosen for it gives a natural look.

Indian hair

d. Malaysian hair

This kind of hair is suitable for all conditions and got a very soft texture. See prices

Malaysian hair

e. Brazilian hair

This hair is well known for its deep black color and fits well under different temperatures. besides having a natural black color they can be dyed to change the color according to the owner’s taste.

Brazilian hair


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3. Quality

When it comes to buying sometimes it brings confusion especially when one has to choose among different items, for this reason, we must be careful when picking the wig we must look for the best quality to avoid going back now and then to shop.

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4. Weight

Choosing a heavier wig can be stressful for one may have to be wearing it for long hours for this reason it is always wiser to pick a lighter wig.

5. Style

Hair is the most essential thing when it comes to looks, for this condition while buying a wig one should consider picking one that gives a good look and fits different occasions.

In conclusion, there is a pool of weaves in the Kenyan market, however, the above are some of the best that you will find out there.



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